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How to Fix Hard or Broken Cellphone Buttons..

Hi Guys... Here the admin wants to share a simple trick but quite helpful. That is how to fix a broken button.. remember, guys, it only applies to the outer button (casing).

For the steps for the process.. Please take a look, guys... It's easy, really.. For example..
HH Samsung Galaxy V.

First, open the LCD socket cover.

Second, open the lcd and leave only bones and machines guys...

Third, prepare small pieces like the picture above.. Here admin uses card pieces..

The fourth just tuck in the problematic part...
don't forget to give a little glue to make it stronger..

Fifth Doneeee Guyss...Easy and simple right Guys..This method can also be applied in other HH, you guys...Don't forget to share it with your friends..Please comment below guys...if you have any questions .....Thank you..Hope this article helps..

Don't just look for donenya...
Look for the Process to Done..

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