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OEM LOCK Feature Secret

5garea - Back again with me This time I will share a little trick about FRP (Factory Reset Protection) which has to do with the OEM unlock feature on our cellphones, this feature is very important for those of you who forgot your Google account on your cellphone and you want to reset it the cell phone.

Have you ever reset HH ehhh instead I'm hooked on this Google Account.. If you remember, you can enter the main menu, if you forget, don't expect to be able to use the cellphone again? Of course, you will take it to a cellphone service center which is quite expensive.

And get ready. You guys spend money to repair your cellphone.. yes, about the price,, Not bad, you guys.. Especially with the current HH type.. New Security guys... Definitely more expensive. That's Factory Reset Protection.

Factory Reset Protection is a security feature on our smartphones, so when we reset or re-flash our smartphones, our smart phones will ask for the last Gmail account on the phone. Smart enough, isn't it today's smartphone?

Now on this occasion 5garea will tell you, How to make your smartphone without going through FRP, so relax, just relax if you want to reset your cellphone at any time..

Ok.... just watch it, gusy. Step by step it's easy, really...

  • First, you enter the settings menu on your respective Handphone
  • Look for developer options on your Handpone then  select it.
  • Select Open OEM LOCK, check it, guys, as shown in the picture.
  • Otherwise there are developer options. just enter about mobile, click 7x on the Build number.. Until it says you have become a developer
  • Just reset.. 100% of your Handphone is safe guys from FRP..
Hopefully this article can help you and be useful. See you in the next article. If you have any questions, please comment below, guys ... God willing, you can provide a solution. Thank you

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