Flash Oppo A12 CPH 2083 without a 100% data loss

The first time I'm your sister's sister's sister, you forget patterns or forget password? If you do, you don't have to confuse the website. There's a tutorial way to forget patterns without missing data. I'm here to take an example of Oppo A12 CPH A12 CPH 2083 as an experiment in opening patterns without losing data.

To check your cell phone series you can enter through the emergency dial dial dial dial code, then enter the source of the version then notice your series of phones who forgot your patterns.

So you don't have to worry if your phone calls forgot your patterns so you can't lose the important data on your phone. This way also applies to another cell phone that's MTK Chipshet.

Only on this website we give tutorial forgetting patterns or forgetting password without password missing for free, certainly the only way it needs Lapto/PC and cell phones that forget patterns or forgetting password.

Actually it's very easy to fix a pattern that's forgotten phone, in most of the cell service places in Indonesia, usually they'll flash your phones in new conditions without any data or memories.

Well this time I'll give you a tutorial way to open your patterns or unlock your cell phone records without having to lose important data, including photos, video, documents, even memories with former :)

Ok let's get down to the tools and the ingredients you need to prepare:

If the tools and material to open the pattern without missing data on the top, you're prepared to open your option a12 patterns without losing data.

Work way:
  1. We shut off Oppo A12's phone first forgot the pattern
  2. We're extracting your MTKMetautility program at your Lapto/PC
  3. Open it and reopen the program
  4. We choose the Factory Reset Meta (in case we just want to unlock the screen key without losing data)
  5. If way number four fails you can use the Factory Reset Meta 2
  6. After that, connect Oppo A12's phone phone forgot the pattern to the computer by holding the volume switch up and down simultaneously
  7. If the phone has been read on the program please release both volume buttons
  8. Your phones will go into meta fashion and screen turn green
  9. We'll wait a while until the phone restart muscle and the menu
  10. When we get to the further menu we choose the Emergency Call to do bypaas Frp
  11. Dial 813 / Then we press the home button/dial then your phone will be on the main menu and ready to re-use.
  12. Check your data is still secure and not erased
  13. If it's safe, don't forget to say thank you to the One God.
In a way above that you can unlock a pattern that forgets a pattern, forgetting a password or a screen key without any loss of data, as long as the other type of berchipshet (Medium) as the speedstrum or Exynos can not run, for example of Oppo A12.

Ok guys maybe it was the article I gave you today, so I was hoping to help you, especially your fellow Indonesian cell phone engineer.

The end of my word is "Salam Mualaikum"

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