Adsense Experience Successfully Reactivated After Banned/Disabled

 Adsense Experience Successfully Reactivated After Banned/Disabled

Hello everyone, this is actually a continuation of my previous post where I told you about my Adsense being click bombed and banned. And for how to overcome click bombing.

Here I want to tell you how I can re-appeal to be accepted on Adsense again. So after collecting all the evidence and so on that proved my innocence, I finally applied for an Adsense Appeal and Alhamdulillah accepted, so now I can get back to getting dollars from blogging again.

How do you get a banned Adsense account to be successfully accepted again? I will share my experience about it here

How to Make Adsense Disabled Active Again

So, let me tell you a little about my experience last year. Around August 2018 my Adsense account experienced a fairly severe click bombing, in August I was still able to pay-out Adsense as usual. But because in September the click bombing got worse, so around September 22 my Adsense account got banned.

Please note, Adsense banned is a nightmare for all Adsense players. Moreover, my Adsense account is an old account, from 2019 (almost 10 years ago), even though I only actively played it in 2014. So when I got an email banned from Google I felt quite shocked, and also quite an impact on my daily life . Which is usually when you have free time to refresh Adsense, monitor income etc, now it can't anymore.

One other thing that makes me sad, is that although we can submit Adsense Appeal to Google, this process does not guarantee that our banned Adsense account will be active again. And you could say the opportunity to reactivate it is very small, many big publishers or big bloggers have been banned and cannot reactivate their Adsense accounts even though they have submitted an appeal. And once you get banned, then we can't play Adsense again forever, because the ban is valid for life. That's why we always recommend playing Adsense safely so you don't get banned.

After getting banned from Adsense, I tried to calm down and not panic, I tried to research the experiences of people who got banned and successfully appealed, and then tried to apply when I was going to appeal Adsense, and Alhamdulillah the results were accepted back in this Adsense program. Here are some tips and tricks that you can try.

Tips and Tricks for Successfully Submitting an Adsense Appeal

1. Don't Immediately Apply Adsense Appeal

Most people as soon as Adsense is banned, at that time he immediately appealed to Google. The tip is not to immediately appeal to Google, give it about 3 months until you submit your Adsense Appeal to Google. In my case, after 6 months I just sent an appeal to Adsense. This shows that we really explore and check the things that cause us to get banned from Adsense.

2. Include Evidence or Logs from Server or Google Analytics

Related to my previous post, where we learned to track everything that happens on our website. When we want to appeal Adsense, it is obligatory to always include evidence of server logs, WordPress, or Google Analytics which shows that we are innocent. How do you share it? If I take the evidence, I take a screenshot, I put it into Google Drive and then I share the link in the form when I appealed to Adsense.

3. Try to be clear, don't be trite, don't be defensive

When submitting an appeal, try to make sure the language we use is clear, clear, uses English and doesn't make small talk. Also, don't use defensive words, such as directly saying it's not my fault, or even scolding Google. Just say it politely and show the evidence you have collected. Google also contains smart people, if the evidence you provide is genuine and shows that you are not wrong, God willing, Google will also reactivate your Adsense and be fair in making decisions.

In my case, you could say I was also lucky because I had written an article on how to play Adsense safely so I wouldn't get banned. So I also give it as my reinforcement, that I myself always recommend and socialize to play Adsense safely and so on. And that I just created a group for Adsense, but it turned out to be misused by people to attack my blog.

From the appeal process itself it took about 6 days or a week, from the time I submitted the appeal form, until a reply from Google was given. The contents of the email are more or less the same as those circulating on the Internet hehehe.

That's about all I can share, how about you? Have you ever had an experience with Adsense banned (hopefully not)? How was your experience when you appealed to Google when Adsense was banned? Please share in the comments section yes!

Dodi Maulana
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