CPM on YouTube Revenue Depends This

CPM on YouTube Revenue Depends This

It is known that you can make a lot of money from YouTube. What relates to revenue and business success and how your own YouTube channel can be monetized is not always clear from the start. The CPM value is an important indicator of the revenue generated.
Find out everything you need to know about CPM values on YouTube and how to increase CPM here.

The CPM value (cost per thousand ) represents the amount charged to content producers per thousand video views before deducting YouTube's revenue share. CPM calculation depends on several factors such as industry, audience location and views allowed for monetization.

How much is YouTube's CPM worth?

If you publish good content on YouTube that many users click on and watch, you will also be financially rewarded. CPM calculates how much money a creator earns per thousand video views - before deducting YouTube's revenue share.

This means that the more people watch videos and the ads on them, the more revenue they generate. The success of monetizing YouTube content does not depend on the number of channel followers or video likes, even if more followers tend to result in higher CPMs. And the audience is huge: About 2.3 billion people are active on YouTube every month. So good video marketing pays off like never before.

The CPM value itself greatly determines video revenue. When comparing YouTubers with millions of video views, CPM can still differ as different factors affect their value. In this case, content creators will have to speculate a bit, as only YouTube knows the exact calculation formula (and certainly won't let you see the cards). But one thing seems clear: An important factor for CPM is the location of each audience.

Incidentally, RPM (“earnings per thousand”) – a newly introduced metric for YouTube influencers – should not be confused with CPM. It shows YouTubers how much money they earn from a thousand views from various revenue sources and after deducting YouTube's revenue share. It calculates the total revenue in YouTube Analytics, including ads, YouTube Premium, channel subscriptions, and features like Super Chat and Super Stickers. In this way, sales must become more transparent and understandable so that performance can be better analyzed. RPM is usually lower than CPM and gives a clear indication of how much money a creator is making from his or her YouTube channel.

What is YouTube's CPM in Germany?

Germany doesn't seem to be as profitable for YouTubers as, for example, the United States or Canada. One of the reasons is because the North American market has a larger population and therefore more YouTube users. That's why ad placement in the US and Canada is also more expensive than in Germany.

YouTube CPM by industry - is there a difference?

As a simple rule, the more ads you can target to a specific audience, the more revenue you can generate. The broader target group, addressed through reality vlogs or comedy channels, for example, is less attractive to advertisers than the gamer community. Niche audiences are definitely more profitable, even if some niches pay better than others. For example, less revenue can be generated with voice channels than with business or game content.

Highly profitable YouTube niches include:

  • Health
  • investment
  • playing games
  • Technology
  • Business
  • Beauty
  • Less paid topics are, for example, entertainment and comedy.

How is YouTube CPM ad revenue calculated?

As is well known, CPM ad turnover cannot be determined with such precision. As a rough guide, most channels earn on average around $0.5 per 1000 video views, although this varies widely and can go as high as $6. Higher CPM scores are also possible for specific topics and geographic target groups of interest.

But what's important in this context: Not all views are approved for monetization. That's one of the reasons why view counts are different from monetized dramas. For a closer look, you can view YouTube Ad Revenue and other detailed metrics in YouTube Analytics.

Also note that from CPM revenue, the revenue share (45%) must go to YouTube, as well as taxes. In order for you to fully finance yourself with your YouTube channel, your income mustbecause it must be very high.


Thanks to YouTube CPM, you get insight into monetization.The CPM value is critical to monetization of a YouTube channel and explains the price for a thousand ad impressions, i.e. video views. Of course, building a loyal following is prasy a tool for your success on YouTube, but how often your ad is viewed is more important for generating revenue. Several factors affect CPM, such as audience location and the industry of your channel.

So proceed strategically when setting up a new YouTube channel: For example, tackle profitable niche topics within a still relatively unsaturated target group and compare CPM values across locations and industries. However, never neglect the quality of your video content to grow sustainably.
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