Here's How to Increase YouTube CPM Fast!

Here's How to Increase YouTube CPM Fast!

 How to Increase YouTube CPM – Did you know that increasing YouTube CPM will make the profits from adsense even bigger? Actually there are several ways to increase YouTube CPM quickly and easily. This needs to be known by content creators so that the benefits they get from adsense are greater than before.

Unfortunately, this important thing is not widely known by content creators, especially for beginners. So, the content creators only get benefits that are like that. Or even for novice content creators, they will only benefit for a long time. So, it only depends on the number of subscribers and viewers of the content.

For some old and professional YouTubers, you may already be familiar with the function of this CPM. Or maybe there are also old YouTubers who don't know the benefits of the high CPM. In fact, with the high CPM owned, the income or profits obtained are also getting bigger.

So, quite a lot of YouTubers still don't know and make maximum use of YouTube's CPM. To find out more about YouTube CPM and how to increase this YouTube CPM, see the full review below!

What is CPM?

For some content creators, many don't know how to get fast profits by increasing the CPM of YouTube. However, do these content creators know the true meaning of this Youtube CPM? Because if content creators don't know about YouTube CPM, of course it will be difficult to understand everything about CPM.

Actually, Youtube CPM is a metric (ratio) that describes the amount of money that will be paid from ad impressions on the video. However, the amount of revenue obtained from ad impressions on videos is not given directly 100%. Because the revenue from ad serving must be calculated by means of a 55% revenue share.

This CPM ratio will show the true value of YouTubers' revenue from ad serving on their videos, before calculating the revenue share. So, it can be said that CPM will be the determinant of the size of the income that will be obtained by YouTubers.

The CPM system is divided into two parts. Parts of this CPM will also be the basis for calculating the income of these YouTubers. The distribution of the CPM is as follows:

1. Regular CPM

At this typical CPM the advertiser has paid a fee to the content creator for 1,000 ad impressions on the video. This payment system is calculated every time the ad appears on the video of the content creator in question. Examples of ads that exist in ordinary CPM are display ads, sponsored card ads, and overlay ads.

2. Playback Based CPM

The calculation of ad costs in this type of CPM is based on 1,000 video plays that spawned the ad on the creator's video content. Thus, advertisers will pay advertising fees on creator content based on views of creator content videos containing ads from advertisers. Examples of ads of this type are skippable ads, bumper ads, and non-skippable ads.

YouTube CPM Earnings Calculation

Based on the previous explanation, this CPM will be paid for every 1,000 ads that have been watched. So, the calculation of CPM revenue is seen from how many people watch the ad on the creator's video content. However, not everyone who views videos from that creator's content also sees the ads that are shown.

This is because there must be a lot of people who usually pass these ads. And YouTube will recognize and mark ads that are watched with a duration of more than 30 seconds by the viewers. That way, if 1,000 people watch the video, it's not necessarily 1,000 people who also watch the ad in the video.

Revenue from CPM, of course, still has to be shared with YouTube. The profit sharing ratio between YouTubers and YouTube is 11: 9. So, the content creator will only get a share of 55% of the total advertising revenue. Meanwhile, YouTube gets 45% of the total advertising revenue.

For example, let's say company A wants to advertise on creator B with a regular CPM type. Where the calculation is based on 1,000 ad viewers. Creator B gets 6 million video views with a CPM of 2 million ad views in penuh. And every 1,000 ad viewers are paid IDR 5,000,000.

So a more detailed calculation = 10,000 : 5 million viewers x 1,000 (cpm viewers) = Rp. 1,000 per 1000 viewers. So, if the ad is watched by 2 million people, the gross income is 2,000,000 : 1,000 (cpm viewers) = 2,000 x Rp1,000 = Rp2,000,000. So, the Youtuber will get 55% money x IDR 2,000,000 = IDR 1,100,000. For the 900 thousand profit sharing for YouTube.

How to Increase YouTube CPM Fast

From the explanation above, it is clear that the content creator's income from advertisements inserted in videos depends on the number of ad viewers. However, please note that there are several ways to increase YouTube CPM quickly. Some of these ways are:

1. Enable All Video Monetization

Monetization on YouTube is a system that will be the conversion value of a video on someone's YouTube channel. The conversion value of this video will be calculated as a source of income for the content creator in question. So, to be able to increase CPM, a content creator must enable monetization on all his videos.

Activation of monetization on this video cannot be done automatically. So, the activation must be done manually on one video at a time. However, usually every content creator will post their video, there is a request from YouTube for the monetization. However, the request only exists if the posting process is via PC media.

When content creators post videos via mobile, this monetization request will not appear. So, the content creator must enable it through the YouTube Studio app. The application can be obtained for free on the Play Store. By enabling all monetization on videos, this CPM will slowly continue to increase.

2. Must Get Many Viewers

In the previous explanation, of course the reader can determine how important the number of video viewers is in terms of increasing this CPM. That way, if the content creator wants to get high revenue from this YouTube CPM, then make sure there are a lot of video viewers too. Although, all of these viewers may not necessarily see the full ad impression.

It's just that, by getting a large audience, the possibility of getting an audience on the ad is also getting bigger. With the large number of viewers of these ads, automatically the income from CPM ads is also getting higher.

A content creator who has a large collection of videos but a small audience, it can be said that it is useless. Because this YouTube CPM income is obtained from the number of viewers. So, when you have a few videos but many views it is more valuable than many videos with few views.

Please note that for videos that have been watched for a long time and are rarely watched, it is likely that the ad will no longer be shown there. So, it's a waste of effort in making video content. To get a large audience, content creators should make a video that is unique, fresh, and extraordinary. Make sure that the video content has no competition.

3. Make Sure All Ad Types Have Been Enabled

Since CPM revenue is based on the number of ad plays on a video, make sure all types of ads on the video are enabled. Previously, please note that there are 6 types of formats regarding ads on YouTube, namely:

  • overlay ads,
  • sponsored card,
  • display advertising,
  • unskippable videos,
  • Bumper ads, and
  • Skippable videos.

In each of the above YouTube ad formats there are price differences based on the CPM of each video. So, to be able to increase YouTube's CPM revenue, make sure you have enabled all of the above ad type formats on each video.

4. Make the Video Duration Above 8 Minutes

Please note that only videos with a duration of more than 8 minutes will be able to activate the types of ads above. So, content creators should make every video longer than 8 minutes. That way, the CPM value also indirectly increases because of the number of ads on the video.

Let's count, if a YouTube channel has 20 videos with each video being 20 minutes long. And every video has got 5000 views, and every video has 6 ads. So, the number of ad views = 5,000 x 6 = 30,000 ad views. So, one video owned by that content creator gets 30,000 ad views.

In one channel there are 20 videos. So, 20 x 30,000 = 60,000 views. So, it remains only to calculate the amount of CPM income according to the previous formula. Of course, if it is estimated, the income from one channel is already more than Rp. 20,000,000 if the price per ad is above Rp. 3,000,000.

5. OptimalPublish Videos Using YouTube SEO

In the YouTube algorithm there is also YouTube SEO which is used to make it easier for viewers to find the desired video. With this convenience, of course the video is visited and watched a lot. So, the ads on the video also increase and the CPM also increases.

For example, the video that is created contains content with a title based on YouTube SEO, of course the CPM value will automatically increase. Because this is considered by the advertisers as well. Advertisers only target their ads to be served on videos by using keywords or YouTube SEO.

This is not without any basis, but with the use of YouTube SEO, more and more people will watch the video. That way, people will also recognize the product being advertised earlier.

6. Create a Target Audience Who Has High CPM Value

The audience with a high CPM value means that the location of the audience is spread all over the world. Simply put, the video should not only be aimed at regional audiences, but also the world. This is the last resort in how to increase YouTube CPM quickly.

In making this target, a content creator can add subtitles in English. Why should you speak English? This is because many people are more fluent in English. In addition, content creators can also change the location of their YouTube channel and create content that can be watched by people from any country.

Those are some ways to quickly increase YouTube CPM that YouTubers can try. That way, the value of CPM owned will increase and the income generated will also increase.

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