How to care for a new cellphone to make it durable and long lasting

How to care for a new cellphone to make it durable and long lasting

Here are tips for caring for your favorite cellphone. Recently smartphones are like a primary need. Frequent use of HP can make it vulnerable to damage, especially if its use is too diporsir and haphazard. Smartphone damage can be in the form of a cracked screen, a waste of battery, an operating system that starts to slow, to the point that it often hangs when used. To prevent this, of course, it is very important for us to know how to take good care of Android phones so that they last.

In addition, there is no guarantee that expensive smartphones will last longer than cheaper ones. The durability of an electronic device is of course very dependent on the user. Sometimes we need to know the various bad habits that make smartphones become damaged quickly. The goal is not to change smartphones often because of bad use.

How to take good care of HP so that it lasts

Smartphone performance will decrease over time, especially if it is often used to communicate, work, surf, access information, and socialize on media. To be durable, here's how to take care of Android and iPhone cellphones, to other brands that Qoala has summarized as important information for you.

1. Use Original Charger

How do you take care of your Android cellphone battery so that it lasts? One of them by using the original charger. The reason is that using a fake charger or KW whose quality is below standard and does not necessarily match the battery specifications can damage the smartphone.

The use of a power bank to charge the battery is also not recommended too often because the heat from the power bank has the potential to trigger damage. It's not that you can't, but just regulate its use, namely when you are in a really urgent condition.

2. Clean the Dust Sticking to the Smartphone

How to care for a new Android cellphone to make it last longer by cleaning the dust that sticks to the smartphone. The dust that settles on the smartphone can make the device heat up more easily. So you have to regularly clean your smartphone so that its performance doesn't slow down.

Use a microfiber cloth or glasses cloth to get the best results when cleaning your smartphone. Do not use tissue because the fibers can be left in the smartphone. Not only cleaning the dust on the screen, but also sticking to the inside of the components.

3. Choose the Right Smartphone Case

In the market there are many smartphone accessories/cases and sometimes it can make us confused to choose the best one. Who would have thought that choosing HP accessories also has an effect on making a smartphone durable.

The original smartphone accessories have been adapted to the shape and specifications of the HP so that it is more comfortable to use. It's just that the use of accessories can make the cellphone heat up faster. So you have to be smart in choosing accessories that can release heat.

If the accessories used are difficult to release heat, you can remove them while charging the battery. The goal is that the HP is not hot. How to properly care for an Android cellphone is worth considering, especially for those of you who like to change accessories.

4. Avoid Using Smartphones in Hot Places

Avoid using your smartphone in a very hot open space if you like outdoor activities. The recommended temperature for using a smartphone is 16 to 30 degrees Celsius. The procedure for how to keep the cellphone durable on the text in the smartphone box usually also recommends this, so that the cellphone is not directly exposed to the sun by fire.

So you can store/use your smartphone in a fairly safe place. A closed room that has a normal temperature is able to maintain the performance and performance of a smartphone compared to if it is too often exposed to the sun.

5. Charge as needed

Another way to take good care of your cellphone is to charge it as needed. Do not charge to 100 percent so that the smartphone battery can last a long time. Why is that? The reason is that smartphone batteries made of lithium ion (Li-on) capacity can decrease when they get a high voltage.

Also note that if the lithium metallic layer of the battery continues to receive an electric current, it will cause the battery to become unstable. This can make the smartphone battery bulge and even explode if left for a long time.

It is recommended to charge the smartphone between 30-80 percent so that the voltage remains low so that the smartphone battery will last longer. Interested in trying how to take care of this Samsung, Xiaomi, and other cellphone batteries? By doing the right way to make the HP battery last longer, you can be sure that your smartphone will stay awake and live long.

installed, is it actually used?

How to take care of an Android Vivo or Oppo cellphone that you can do by deleting applications that are rarely used. So don't just install applications that only fill storage space. Pay attention to the capacity of RAM and ROM as well as the chipset used, whether it supports a lot of application use or not.

7. Avoid Playing Games While Charging

Playing games when the smartphone is charging is one of the causes of the battery dropping quickly and also being damaged. Batteries become more easily inflated when the load is too large while being charged. So how to take care of Xiaomi and other cellphone batteries so that they last long stop the habit of playing games while charging the battery.

Also know, the average game application has the potential to consume RAM and CPU in a smartphone. The HP load will get heavier when you play games while charging. It's no wonder that smartphones get damaged quickly if this bad habit is not stopped.

8. Use a Screen Protector so that the screen lasts

The causes of a damaged cellphone screen are various. One of them is because of our own negligence. You are certainly annoyed when your cellphone screen cracked because it fell? One way to treat Android phones, especially the screen, is to use a screen protector or screen protector. The screen protector can keep the smartphone's touch screen from scratches and save the LCD screen if the smartphone accidentally falls.

Also know that smartphone screen scratches can appear due to accidentally scratched nails. Usually the scratches leave marks that cause the smartphone screen to look dirty and deformed. So, equip your smartphone with a screen protector to keep it durable. Come on, don't neglect to protect your favorite smartphone!

9. Update or Update Applications and Operating Systems (OS)

You can update the operating system and update applications to keep the smartphone running faster. System or application updates provide various benefits, from fixing security issues, fixing bugs, improving performance, to changing new features.

iPhones and Android smartphones can enable automatic app updates. Android smartphones can perform system updates by opening the Settings feature and looking for Update.

As for the iPhone, you can choose the option to install updates automatically by going to Settings>General>Software Update. If an update is available, follow the instructions to install it. You can try how to treat HP realme 5i and other smartphones.

10. Using Antivirus

Smartphones can be exposed to viruses that come from applications, text messages, or email attachments. So you should use an antivirus to prevent viruses or malware from entering your smartphone. How to properly care for this Android phone is to regularly clean your smartphone with an antivirus at least once every three days.

11. Turn off the Smartphone when Not in Use

Smartphones also need rest like other electronic devices. Smartphone hardware will be drained if it is used often, especially if it is forced. For that, another way to make HP durable that you can try is to turn off the smartphone when not in use. This will help cool important components on the smartphone, such as RAM, processor, and also the battery.

12. Store Smartphone Well

Although it seems trivial, many people like to be careless in storing smartphones. As a result, the cellphone can fall at a height, be splashed with water, or fall into the bathtub. These bad habits can make the life of the smartphone shorter, especially if it is often dropped.

Smartphones with touch screens have high sensitivity in use. So you have to make sure it is stored in the right place so that it is not easily scratched by other objects, such as coins or keys. You can provide a special container to store your smartphone to make it neater and safer, if needed.

13. Keeping Keys or Keyboard Safe

How to take good care of an Android phone next by paying attention to the use of the keyboard, one of the important components for typing. Smartphone buttons have different functions. If it continues to be used, it will result in a decrease in the function of the smartphone button.

Some cellphones still include buttons such as the menu or home button and the back button, even though the latest smartphones already use a touch screen. You can use the buttons wisely and don't keep pressing them when you don't need them.

14. Backup Smartphone Data

Backing up smartphone data is very important to make sure all data ranging from contacts, photos, videos, and documents are stored if you change your smartphone in the future. With a lot of data being moved, it makes the performance of the chipset, RAM, and ROM of the smartphone lighter. So HP's performance is faster and of course more durable.

iPhone users can back up data with

open Settings then look for iCloud>iCloud Backup and make sure the check mark. Meanwhile, Android users can go to Settings>Google>Backup. You can try how to take good care of the Oppo HP, especially if you have piles of data on your smartphone.

15. Avoid Magnetic Fields

Maybe only a few know that Android smartphones should be kept away from magnetic fields. The reason is that magnetic fields, water and other metals can damage the speakers. The speaker is one of the most important parts of a smartphone, both for listening to music and making calls. Without realizing it, we often put our smartphone on top of the TV, radio and other things that smell like magnets. The habits above can make your smartphone short-lived.

Avoiding the phone from some of the objects above also serves to make the sound that comes out of the cellphone more stable and doesn't turn off. Don't listen to music or videos with full speaker volume, only a maximum of 90 percent is enough, so that the HP speakers are not easily damaged. For those of you who like to listen to music, how to take care of your cellphone so that it lasts is certainly worth a try.

16. Remove Unnecessary Widgets

In addition to hardware maintenance, the use of applications/software or software should also be considered so that the Android smartphone remains durable. In the software/application section, you have to pay attention to the application widgets on the phone.

Widgets that are scattered irregularly burden the performance of the smartphone because the widgets are usually still active in the background without the user's knowledge. It is highly recommended to remove unnecessary widgets especially on the home screen. So how to take care of the HP battery that should be considered is to reduce the use of widgets.

17. Don't Charge Before Sleeping

Charging the phone while sleeping can cause the phone to overheat. Because the process of charging the battery to full usually only takes 2-3 hours. While sleep time can take about 5-8 hours. Charging the phone while sleeping can also make it too hot so that it can suddenly explode.

18. Do not charge when the battery is 0%

Maybe not many know that charging the battery at 0% can make the battery charge quickly. The reason is that the voltage will increase so that the battery becomes depressed. Mobile phone battery can work well from 30-80% capacity. So you can charge when the battery capacity is below 30%. Also, do not charge the battery to 100% because high voltage will depress the battery charge and shorten the battery life.

19. Avoid Heavy Games

How to take good care of Android phones so that they last longer, install games according to HP specifications. Because online games have a relatively large size and if smartphone specifications don't support it, it's prone to hangs.

If it continues to be forced, it is not impossible that the smartphone will be damaged quickly because it is forced constantly. So you can see the minimum specifications of the game you want to play, then see if your smartphone meets the minimum specifications.

20. Avoid Overheat

Overheat is a condition when the smartphone is in a state of excessive heat, usually due to excessive use or for a long period of time. It turns out that overheating is very influential on the life of the smartphone battery because it can shorten the life of the smartphone and consequently the smartphone becomes lowbat quickly. You can stop using it if it overheats until the temperature returns to normal. If necessary, turn off the smartphone so that the cooling process is faster.

21. Caring for Android Software

Android applications or software also requires attention from Android smartphone users. The reason is that the application becomes the main menu of the smartphone when used. You can maintain software to prevent HP from being slow in the following ways:

  • Pay attention to RAM and specifications
  • Install applications as necessary and only install trusted applications
  • Do not download applications outside the Google Playstore because they have the potential to carry malware and are definitely not safe
  • Install an anti-virus that gets good ratings and actually works

22. Don't Multi-Tasking Too Often

Most of today's HP users like to multitask. Actually, it's legal to do so as long as the smartphone used supports it. But opening too many applications at once can make the phone slower, especially if the HP specifications are mediocre. So how to take care of the Android cellphone battery so that it lasts one of them by closing other applications before opening new applications. Don't let your cellphone be slow because of multitasking activities.

23. Clear Cache

Often experience applications that suddenly do not respond or are often called crashes? Actually you don't always have to force close the application or even delete it. Try applying the cache clearing method first. You can try this step to solve common problems that arise when running the application.

To clear the application cache, all you have to do is open the

settings on HP then select the Application option. Then go to the Manage Applications section and press the application that you feel is problematic. You don't have to worry about trying to take good care of your Android phone so that it lasts because deleting cache will not delete data and settings from an application. This activity only removes temporary files that can be a source of trouble.

How, do you know how to take care of your cellphone so it doesn't get damaged quickly? Every smartphone user really needs to know how to make frequently used devices last longer. You can also use protection in the form of smartphone insurance to protect your cellphone from the risk of short-term and long-term damage. One smartphone insurance product that should be considered is smartphone insurance from Qoala. Qoala has two types of smartphone insurance, namely Full Protection and Screen Protection. Full Protection products will protect your smartphone from the risk of damage due to falling or being exposed to liquids. Meanwhile, Screen Protection will protect your device from the risk of a cracked screen caused by accidental things. Come on, give protection to your gadget now!

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