How to Cool an iPhone That Heats Fast

 How to Cool an iPhone That Heats Fast

How to Cool an iPhone that Heats Up Fast (Totally Works) - Since its appearance that has made a lot of people excited (especially gadget freaks) until now, the iPhone is still considered the best smartphone - the most classy.

However... ???

Don't think, the best smartphones are free from overheating or overheating. Even on the Apple Support site itself, it provides handling instructions when an Apple device (including iPhone) is overheating. This shows that the iPhone can overheat.

The difference between iPhone and Android cellphone coolers

In contrast to Android, which is very widely available HP automatic cooling application. On the iPhone, the presence of automatic cooling in the App Store is very rare. Even if there is, the application does not last long, before finally being removed from the App Store.

Or if there is, the application does not really work.

So the surefire solution, which totally works, to cool an iPhone that is overheating, is to use manual methods. Before revealing ways to cool an iPhone, I will explain how an automatic cellphone cooler works (like on Android).

By understanding how it works, you will see some similarities in principle between cooling a cellphone with an application (automatically) and manually.

The difference is only in convenience and simplicity. If you use an application, just tap 1-2 times, then the application will work automatically to cool the cellphone. While the manual method, we have to do it step by step manually

How the HP Cooling App Works

How the cooling application works is by monitoring the performance of the CPU, RAM and battery. Then execute the monitoring results automatically.

In the cooling application, it will be caught which applications make the CPU work hard. In addition, the cooling application also checks the condition of memory or RAM.

Then the cooling application, will automatically turn off or optimize smartphone applications that make the CPU heavy. It will also clean memory from junk files and useless caches. So the memory is cleaner and lighter.

Causes of Hot iPhone

There are various factors that cause the iPhone to heat up quickly. But in general it is divided into 2, namely the problem factor in hardware and software.

Among the hardware problems that make the iPhone hot, the most common are problems with the battery and charger. As for software, there is usually a fever on the iPhone because it is used for super heavy applications such as playing games with high graphics.

It could also be due to opening many applications at once. Another cause is usually because social media applications are active even though they are not being used. Solutions for how to cool an iPhone cellphone either because of hardware or software

First determine the cause of the heat, is it due to software or hardware?

The method I use to determine whether the iPhone is hot due to a hardware or software problem is to look at the CPU and battery performance.

To make it easier to monitor CPU and battery performance in real time, just install an application that can be downloaded in the App Store. One of the popular apps for CPU and Battery monitor available on the App Store is System Status Pro: hw monitor.

To determine whether the cause of a hot iPhone is software or hardware, you can check through this iPhone CPU and Battery monitoring application.

All you have to do is see the status of the battery, CPU and disk usage.

If the CPU and Disk Usage are low, the battery is still full but the iPhone is already hot, it means that it's a hardware problem.

On the other hand, if the CPU and Disk Usage are high, then it gets hot, then this is normal. It's hot due to the heavy work of the CPU. The reason is software or applications that make the CPU work hard.

Solution How to Cool iPhone

If the problem is hardware, the solution is very simple. Just take the iPhone to a service center to have the problematic component checked and repaired. Which makes the iPhone hot quickly.

If your iPhone is hot due to heavy CPU work due to running applications or features with non-optimal settings, here are ways you can use:

  • Update your iPhone's iOS, as well as installed applications. Bugs in iOS or applications can make the CPU heavy.
  • Turn off applications running in the background. Applications that are always active when not in use are usually social media and messenger applications. Even though it's not used, it always shows a notification if there is an incoming message or application update.
  • Uninstall applications that are not used, because they make extravagant and heavy RAM / memory.
  • If you use your iPhone indoors, set the brightness to low mode.

In conclusion

To cool an iPhone that heats up quickly, it is not recommended to use a smartphone cooling application (which is rarely available on the App Store). What we do is use CPU and Battery monitoring applications.

From the results of monitoring the CPU and battery, we can determine whether the problem is hardware or software.

If it's the hardware problem, the best advice is to take it to the service center. Meanwhile, if the problem is the software, then we cool it manually as described above.

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