How to Increase YouTube CPM, Auto Flood Dollars

 How to Increase YouTube CPM, Auto Flood Dollars

How to Increase YouTube CPM

How to increase youtube cpm so that your adsen income gets more and more, how do you do it? Keep watching the following tutorial tips and tricks, YouTuber friends, blogger friends and dollar seekers on Adsense.

But, this tutorial is intended for those who have monetized, yes, the youtube channel.

There are various ways or tips so that the cpm on your adsen gets higher, but first you have to know, what is cpm for those who already know, just skip it, this is artic pm for those who don't know, cpm is (cost per mile) aka paid advertising costs per 1000 views on YouTube or your blog.

The higher the cpm, the greater the revenue in your adsen, of course, each ad has a different price for the cpm, so we as ad publishers must filter the incoming ads so that the value of incoming ads is only large, and only small ones are worth blogging.

How to increase cpm on youtube and blogger

The following are tips for increasing cpm on youtube and blogs, so that adsen income is higher, follow these tips.

1. Block small CPM Ads

The first is to block ads with small cpm, or blog group ads that have a small value, try those of you bloggers whose cpm is less than 1 dollar, meaning that you allow ads for only 1 dollar and above, or close to 1 dollar. For how to blog a small cpm, follow the following tutorial.

2. Keyword tag research

The next step is that you use keyword tags with high cpc, you can use free tools too, this tag is used on youtube, friend, also use it for titles, descriptions and tags, you can also use high value tags that you use for tags and it can also be for articles on your blog

Tutorial tag with keyword planner to see large or small cpc, how to use it is very easy, friend, you just type in the keywords you are targeting, and see the results, the price value comes out, and choose the highest or largest one.

Tips and tricks to Increase YouTube and Blog CPM

The tips and tricks are accuracy in choosing keywords or keywords that have high value is the key, the maximum value or price per ad, little competition and a lot of search volume, say at least 100 thousand, that's the main key to increasing cpm on youtube and your blog.

However, everything is not easy to imagine, because so many people use these tricks and tips, the end is to return to your content, content in the form of videos or writings, which are of high quality, interesting or weighty, that is the winner.

What is good content like? Interesting? Heavy? Alias ​​of quality will automatically be recommended by Google or YouTube to be served or served to readers or viewers, the more people read or the more people watch, the more ad revenue, the higher the filtered ads, the higher the value.

So, those were a few tips and tricks on how to increase cpm on youtube or how to increase cpm on youtube version of mas wisnu tutorial, if you have additional ideas or success in this way you can write in the comments column below.

Thank you, I hope this article is useful, actually there are many more ways to increase cpm on youtube, one of which is for Caucasian content, this is already an auto flood of dollars, if there are a lot of views on youtube or on blogs, sim the show on

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