How To Make Iphone 13 Durable And Long Lasting

How To Make Iphone 13 Durable And Long Lasting

The iPhone 13 series has been present and released by Apple. The launch took place online at the California Streaming event.

To keep your iPhone phone durable in use, especially if you intend to buy an iPhone 13, then you can practice the following ways. Reported by, here are tips on caring for your iPhone so that it is durable and can still be used for a long time.

Caring for the Battery Properly

One of the problems that are often encountered by iPhone users is a problem with the battery. iPhone batteries are often prone to damage and run out quickly, even if you only use relatively light applications. There are several factors that affect battery condition, including device lifespan and user habits.

Here are some tips that you can do to take care of the iPhone battery, so that it is durable and optimal.

Only use use the original iPhone charger. If the default charger is damaged, buy the same and original charger. Don't use fake chargers, especially different brands. Because, it has the potential to cause battery damage, because of the possibility of a voltage difference between the electric current provided.

Avoid buying fake iPhone batteries, regardless of grade and type. Always use genuine products, so as not to interfere with the performance of your iPhone.

If the battery is full, immediately unplug your charger.

Do not use the phone while it is charging.

Don't wait for the battery to run out completely to be charged. Get used to it, immediately charge the battery when the battery level is at 20%.

Buying a High Quality Case

To protect iPhone from cracks or simply unwanted scratches, protect your iPhone by purchasing a case made of high-quality materials. We recommend looking for a cell phone protector made of materials that are resistant to impact and friction.

Although the price is slightly more expensive, it is much more effective at protecting you, from expensive service fees or replacing the iPhone screen if it is cracked due to a drop or impact.

Use Screen Protection

The iPhone screen is known to be tougher, compared to Android phones. But that does not mean, the iPhone screen does not need protection. You should still use a screen protector or tempered glass on your iPhone. One of them is so that your phone is safer from dust, impact, and friction that can leave scratches.

Enabling Assistive Touch

Assistive Touch or hot keys, should be activated to reduce the burden on the home button so that it is not easily damaged. If this button is activated, it will display the shortcut that you set earlier.

This hotkey can minimize the potential for damage to the home and volume buttons. You are free to set whatever you want to make a shortcut. For example, applications that are used most often, such as social media, cameras, and others.

Don't Jailbreak Your Iphone

Jailbreak iPhone can increase the risk of damage. If someone says that jailbreak can speed up iPhone performance or can change themes and other reasons, don't be easily tempted.

Apple has designed the iPhone in such a way with qualified specifications. Even though jailbreak is legal, the jailbreak process runs the risk of making your iPhone completely dead, if something goes wrong. In addition, if you jailbreak, your iPhone warranty will be lost automatically.

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