How to Overcome Low Value Content Google Adsense

How to Overcome Low Value Content Google Adsense

If translated "Low Value Content" is low value content found on a blog when Google. A few days ago the admin bought a Freesh domain that I just installed on the self-hosted wordpress blog platform (own hosting).

Because usually wordpress is easier to accept adsense than the blogger platform (Blogspot) which is custom domain.

Armed with experience in previous years. The admin created 8 article content with images where the 8 articles are interconnected with each other (internal backlinks).

It didn't take long, only in a matter of 28 hours the blog that the admin built using wordpress was accepted by google adsense when applying for an addsite.

Now, we're talking about 2021, it's not 2020 anymore like last month's experience when registering a new domain with Google Adsense.

As a result, the domain that the admin just bought and registered with google adsense was rejected on the grounds of Low Value Content.

What is Low Value Adsense Content

If interpreted "Low Value Content" is low value content found in a blog when Google checks it.

Gooogle adsense strongly recommends that we make changes to this issue before you apply for a second registration.

Then what should be corrected if the blog is rejected on the grounds of this Low Value Content...? What are the factors of this low value content?

We will discuss everything in this post, for that pay attention and listen carefully and carefully as follows:

1. Updating Posts That Have Been Published

Bias we make posts just carelessly. Yes, as long as you post a lot and update every day, you will hope that Google Adsense will later accept it.

In fact this is not the case, Value content also affects the articles you publish, starting from the length of the article, illustration images, and also other supporters.

For that, the first step we recommend is to make the content writing longer and the explanation in it more complete.

If possible, make an article of 1,000 words, if it is not possible, with the discussion of the article you write, try to make a minimum of 600 words.

2. Enriching Content

• Loading More Than One Image.

There are many types of enriching content, yes, starting from providing images in every sub-heading that you use.

• Expanding the discussion.

Extend the writing in accordance with the discussion and use a variety of vocabulary in it so that it does not appear to force the writing to look long.

• Build Internal Backlinks.

Connecting one post with another post by creating internal backlinks.

For example, if you make the first article "how to make a free blogger for beginners" then link it with other articles by providing a backlink to "Complete Guide to Learning Blogs"

• Provide references on other sites.

At least give one reference to the discussion you are discussing in the post to a reputable site to strengthen the truth about what you discussed in the post.

For example, if you make a news post, just give a backlink to the site or and the like.

3. Ensure Full Original Writing

Original writing does not only lie in the writing you type but lies in the vocabulary you use.

It's okay and legal if you make the same post with posts that have been published by other people's blogs,

But try to create content in your own language and style.

In addition to your content being unique in front of Google, your blog will also be different in front of the end of course.

4. Increase the Number of Articles Published

If you previously registered a blog with 10 articles, now try registering your blog after reaching 20 articles.

Previously it was only 300 words, try now per article to make it a minimum of 600 words. If it's possible to say 1,000 words, even better as long as you don't force it.

The following is the SS admin process for registering a new domain from initially being rejected until it is fully ACC approved by adsense.

On July 25, 2021, the admin flattened it with a total of 10 articles containing short content in it and containing a few images.

After submitting an add site rejected by Adsense andmin, try again to get the domain after having 30 content that contains many images that are equipped with detailed discussions.

After two weeks ago it was rejected by google adsense, finally the admin registered it again and the results are as in the image below.

Well that's the experience that the admin found about the problem of overcoming Low Value Content on google adsense. may be useful.

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