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Redmi 9 Firmware And How To flash Redmi 9 ( Lancelot )

Redmi 9 Firmware And How To flash Redmi 9 ( Lancelot )

This time we're going to discuss Firmware Redmi 9 and how to flash redmi 9. Redmi which has just released in Indonesia on April 14th, 2022. This Redmi 9 used the Meditek chipset.

This redmi 9 firmware you can use for a redmi 9 flash phone that has forgotten pattern, forgetting password, hang logo, Bootlop even restart-restart. To the way Redmi flashing way we'll give you two flash methods:

  • Flash redmi 9 uses MiFlash
  • Flash redmi 9 uses Sp Flash Flash Tools

To flashing this redmi phone you're obliged to have a laptop/pc, a redmi 9 driver and a redmi 9 firmware as a file to perform the Flashing process.

How To Flash Redmi 9 With Miflash Tools

  • Get Redmi 9  firmware here
  • Continue installing redmi 9 driver
  • The Firmware extract and Miflash Tool has been downloaded
  • Open it and run the miflash Tool.Exe that's in the folder of Miflash
  • Plih tab select and direct to the folder of the firmware that has been extracted
  • Then refresh (ID check on miflash whether Device has been connected between computers with cell phones)
  • Port Com's writing signals a driver read
  • Click the flash to flash process
  • Wait a while until the redmi flashing process is complete

That's how the redmi 9 flashing used Miflash tools, you can follow steps by step over. To the way the redmi flashing redmi 9 flashtools use SP flashtools you can see below.

 How To Flash Redmi 9 with Sp Flashtools

  • Extract Firmware redmi 9
  • Open and run SP FlashTool.exe.
  • Pick a tab scater then pick a scater file
  • Then click down the agents and pick MTK " AllInone - signed.bin "
  • In the tab Authentication file selects "auth_sv5.auth"
  • Click download, make sure the drivers are installed and read on your computer
  • Get the device to the computer with a good drive
  • Before it gets connected to the button bot volume up and down
  • If it's connected then the process of a redmi flashing process will run itself
  • Wait till the process is finished

That's the article about firmware and way a redmi flashing redmi. Hopefully this article will help you in the redmi 9 repairs that have software damage. See you at the next article.

Keep your spirits and don't give up because it takes all the process. Nothing is instant. The best teacher is from experience. please say thank you.

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