5 Types of Google Adsense Ads That Are Widely Used Today

 5 Types of Google Adsense Ads That Are Widely Used Today

source : pixabay.com
source : pixabay.com

Currently the development of technology itself has experienced many developments and facilitates human life, especially in the fields of business and marketing. There are types of google adsense ads that are often used for promotion and have proven to be very popular.

What are the Types of Google Adsense Ads?

Google Adsense has several types that are often used and have even been proven effective, but need to be considered when choosing them. This technology can support promotion progress, here are some reasons and then provide a significant increase so that income can increase:

1. Image Ads

Advertising is currently one of the things used to introduce to a wide audience with digital or other media. The goal is to influence the interest of the visitors. Currently, there are many types and one of them is in the form of an image, this type is considered ideal and in great demand.

Image ads themselves have many sizes, ranging from medium, small to large. This can adjust to the intended platform. But before choosing it, try to adjust it to your needs and budget. This is very important because it affects the process.

2. Multimedia Advertising

This ad is also called HTML, the size tends to be small so that it can be adjusted by Google. When using it, it is also necessary to know that each type has advantages and disadvantages, so make sure you take them into account so that no regrets occur.

Multimedia ads themselves can be in the form of images, videos or others. The effectiveness of advertising itself in promotion is so good that it is often the choice of entrepreneurs to make it as attractive as possible starting from the selection of colors, concepts, and others.

3. Image or Animation Ads

The next type of google adsense ad is text. Of course this is familiar, because many people use it to increase their attractiveness. Try to make it according to the concept so that when viewed by the audience they will be interested.

Animation is one of the favorite things, especially for children. This type can be used to attract audiences, before you need to pay attention to the quality because some still have fatal errors, for example starting from the shape and size.

4. Video Ads

The ads displayed are already partners with Google and Youtube. This type does provide products and services in the form of a visual display. The duration itself is about 8 -15 seconds. While the trailer can reach 30 seconds, usually a skip will appear later.

Ads in the form of audio visela are considered to be one of the most influential so that they will be very suitable for you to use them. The choice of duration is also very diverse, in other words, the longer it is, the more likely you will spend the funds.

5. Link Unit Ads

Maybe you often see when visiting a website there is blue writing which when pressed will be taken to a certain page. This technique is often used and is considered very effective, because whether intentionally or not the possibility of the audience visiting the site is very large.

The topics presented are often interesting with special titles so that they can increase the number of visitors. The advantage is that you will most likely be accepted, but make sure beforehand that you know the advantages and suit your needs.

This is an explanation regarding the types of Google Adsense ads to be used if you will use them later. Previously, you should choose and consider according to your needs and the most ideas, the goal is that the results can be more effective and do not exceed the budget so that expenses do not swell.

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