6 Money Making Shortlinks with Highest CPM

 6 Money Making Shortlinks with Highest CPM

Making money from a blog there are indeed many ways that can be done, such as using Google Adsense ads, Google Adsense alternatives, to using money-making shortlinks. Usually, a person who has a download site definitely cannot get money from Google Adsense because it violates the policies that have been set by Google Adsense.

As we all know that income from blogs does not depend on Google Adsense, because the process of receiving it is quite difficult and must comply with the criteria. However, many download bloggers use money-making Shortlinks to get income from blogs that have been taken care of. Apart from that, they also use Google Adsense alternatives for their extra income.

Maybe among you very often when you download a file, you are directed to a safelink page which of course has a lot of ads that are quite annoying. Well, that is how Shortlinks work, by using shortlinks, blog owners will also get income from links that have been implemented on their blogs.

6 Money Making Shortlinks with Highest CPM

Well, on this occasion I will share an article about recommendations for money-making shortlinks with the highest CPM that you must try. Check out the following review for more details!

1. Shrink Earn

Is one of the fastest growing URL Shortener sites. Shrinkearn pays to shorten url links and share anywhere online.

Shrinkearn offers up to $1000 per 1,000 visits for European countries with the lowest rate of $3.50 for Asian countries

earn free money with shortener shrinkearn

Shrinkearn offers 4 payment methods to pay all its publishers, namely Paypal, bank transfer (only for indians), Skrill and Paytm UPI / UPI Bank. You can withdraw your earnings when it reaches $5.

Also each publisher can earn additional 25% for referral program. Shrinkearn is proven to pay daily with fast payouts. Apart from fast payouts, Shrinkearn offers some good features for all publishers such as multiple tools, quite high CPM prices, good customer support, good referral commission for life, relatively low withdrawals and much more.

2. SafelinkU

SafelinkU is one of the shortlinks or URL Shorteners originating from Indonesia which was established in 2016, this shortlink also has high payout rates for countries such as the UK, Canada, and America. The minimum withdrawal from this shortlink is also not too big, which is only $5.00.

There are also quite a number of payment methods provided by SafelinkU such as PayPal, Bank Transfer, Credit, Funds, GoPay, OVO, and Cellular Credit. If you don't want to miss the info from this URL shortener, then you can just enter the SafelinkU Facebook group.

3. Addival

Advival is the most expensive shortlink that is recommended by many people and even this shortlink has many active users, so Advival is called the most popular shortlink to date.

The minimum payment set from Advival is also the same as SafelinkU, which is $5.00 with various payment methods such as OVO, PayPal, to Bank Transfer. If you are interested in joining this shortlink, then you can directly visit the official website via the following link: https://adtival.network

4. Za.gl

Za.gl is the most unique shortlink ever because Za.gl provides a very small minimum withdrawal of $2.00 compared to other shortlinks. In addition, the payment methods provided are also quite unique, where Za.gl provides two payment methods such as PayPal and Bitcoin.

Until now, Za.gl already has a lot of active users spread all over the world. They themselves also guarantee that users can earn up to $10.00 for every 1,000 unique visits from any country.

5. Adsafelink

If you are eyeing traffic originating from Indonesia, then Adsafelink is perfect for you. This shortlink itself is under the auspices of SafelinkU which has the same admin and the same group. The difference between these two shortlinks is the target of visits where Adsafelink focuses on Indonesian traffic while SafelinkU focuses on foreign traffic.

The payment methods provided by Adsafelink are also quite complete, namely Bank Transfer, GoPay, OVO, to Cellular Credit. The minimum withdrawal is also relatively small, which is only IDR 50,000.

6. Ouo.io

antages, this shortlink also has its drawbacks where the tariff for Indonesian traffic is relatively low compared to other shortlinks. However, Ouo.io has a very good reputation in the eyes of its users and never delays the disbursement process.

There are only two payment methods provided, namely PayPal and Payoneer with a minimum withdrawal of $ 5 via PayPal while $ 50.00 via Payoneer. If you want to join through this shortlink, then you can visit the official website.

Those are some recommendations for money-making shortlinks with the highest CPM that you must apply to your site or blog. If you have a youtube channel that discusses MOD applications. So, it never hurts to get additional income through this URL Shortener. Good luck!
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