6 Ways to Increase YouTube CPM Quickly and Easily

 6 Ways to Increase YouTube CPM Quickly and Easily

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As we know, that with increasing CPM YouTube will make profits from adsense even greater. There are actually several ways to increase YouTube CPM very quickly and easily.

Of course, this kind of thing should be and need to be known by content creators, so that the benefits they get from Adsense are more than before.

It's really a pity, if this important thing is not widely known by content creators, especially for beginners. So, the content creators only get benefits that are like that.

For novice content creators, they can only benefit for a long time. Of course they only depend on the number of subscribers and viewers of the content.

So how do you increase your YouTube CPM? To find out the answer, please read to the end of the discussion of the article below.

What is CPM and its Benefits

This YouTube CPM is a metric (ratio) that can describe the amount of income coffers of income in the form of money that will be paid from ad impressions on your video channel.

However, the amount of revenue derived from ad impressions on videos is not given 100% directly. Because the revenue from ad serving must be calculated by way of profit sharing of 55%.

This CPM ratio will show the true value of YouTubers' income from ad serving on your videos, before calculating the revenue share. So, it can be said that CPM will determine the size of the income that YouTubers will get.

In this CPM system will be divided into two parts. Of course, parts of this CPM will be the basis for calculating the income of these YouTubers. 

The distribution of the CPM is as follows :

1. Regular CPM

In this ordinary CPM system, advertisers have paid a fee to content creators for every 1,000 ad impressions on the video.

Where this payment system is calculated every time the ad appears on the video content of the creator in question. For example, from ads that exist in regular CPM, these are display ads, sponsored card ads, and overlay ads.

2. Playback Based CPM

In the CPM ad costing system this type is based on 1,000 video playbacks that show ads on the creator's video content.

Thus, advertisers will pay advertising costs to content creators based on video playback of content creator ads. Examples of ads of this type are skippable ads, bumper ads, and non-skippable ads.

How to Increase YouTube CPM Fast

Through the explanation above, of course, it can be seen that it is clear that the content creator's income from advertisements inserted in videos depends on the number of ad viewers. Then how to increase CPM? Here's how:

1. Enable All Video Monetization

It should be noted that the activation of monetization on this video cannot be done automatically. Of course, the activation must be done manually on one video at a time.

However, usually every content creator wants to post their videos, there is an appeal from YouTube for the monetization. However, the notification only exists when the posting process uses PC media.

If the content creator uses HP, then this monetization request will not appear. So, the content creator activates it through the YouTube Studio app. This application can not be obtained for free on the Play Store

2. Must Get Many Viewers

The content creators must get a large audience, thus the possibility of getting an audience on the ad is also getting bigger. So, with the large number of viewers of the ad, automatically the income from this CPM ad will also increase.

3. Make Sure All Ad Types Have Been Enabled

As you know the CPM revenue is based on the number of ad plays on a video, so you have to make sure all types of ads on the video have been activated. Here are some types of ads:

  1. overlay ads,
  2. sponsored card,
  3. display advertising,
  4. unskippable videos,
  5. Bumper ads, and
  6. Skippable videos

4. Make the Video Duration Above 8 Minutes

You need to know that only videos that have a duration of more than 8 minutes, which activate the type of activating the types of ads above. So, content creators should make every video longer than 8 minutes.

5. Using YouTube SEO

The YouTube algorithm also has YouTube SEO which functions to improveIt's easy for viewers to find the video they want. With this convenience, of course, there are more opportunities for your channel to be visited and watched. Automatically, the ads on the video also increase and the CPM also increases.

6. Determine the Target Audience Who Has High CPM Value

In determining this target, a content creator can add subtitles in English. This is because many people who are more fluent in English and people around the world will easily find your channel.

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