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FF Pro Player Salary, What's the Range?

FF Pro Player Salary, What's the Range?

The current salary of FF Indonesia Pro Players varies greatly, if you refer to the highest scale. Regarding this salary, it is based on the skills and branding of the pro player and the achievements that have been achieved.

One of the achievements that will increase the value is if an eSports pro player manages to enter the national team selection that represents Indonesia in the eSports sport.

So, the value system in the gaming industry is exactly the same as in real-world sports. Therefore, to get services from Pro Players who have managed to reach the national team level will experience an increase.

Being a professional eSports player, it is a spotlight for novice Survivors to make it a fairly ambitious target. Not surprisingly, when young children are asked about their goals, there are some who say they want to become Free Fire Pro Players. Here is how much the FF pro player salary.

FF Indonesia Pro Player Salary

This time, Info Sport will discuss the list of 10 Pro Players Free Fire Indonesia with the highest salaries quoting from the Esports Earnings website as of April 13, 2022.

1. ECHO Esports - Ombaac

Ombaac's full name is Jaya Putra Winoto. he is now defending ECHO Esports in the Free Fire sport, which is one of the best rushers owned by Indonesia.

Currently, he is actively playing with a total income of around USD 16,401.73

2. RRQ Kazu - Legaeloth

This man from Pematang Siantar has the full name Richard William Manurung. He has dedicated his career in the Free Fire esports branch with his loyalty to the captaincy of RRQ Kazu from Team RRQ.

He is actively playing at RRQ Kazu with a total income of USD 18,052.35

3. EVOS Divine - Manay

Muhammad Farchan Rida is the full name of a great coach from EVOS Divine. Often he brings the EVOS Divine team to become champions in several national-scale tournaments.

He has an active status as a coach with a total income of USD 18,941.25

4. GGWP Esports - Cupay14

Cupay is a Free Fire athlete who has traveled the world in the largest Free Fire esports teams in Indonesia. He has defended EVOS Capital, Boss Esports, Team NXL until he ended up at GGWP Esports.

He decided to retire in mid-February 2022 and intends to become a Coach or Analyst. His total earnings last reached USD 19,010,25

5. ONIC Olympus - Wizard

This esports athlete has the full name Rezky Putra. He is the team captain of ONIC Olympus, the Free Fire esports unit of ONIC Esports.

He is still active as a Free Fire pro player in Indonesia with an income of USD 20,302.08

6. EVOS Divine - Kenzooo

This young Pro Player is one of the retainers acting as Support from EVOS Divine, namely Kenzooo. He has the full name Riki Wando and comes from North Sumatra.

The son of this area has a fairly high income of USD 43,833.20

7. EVOS Divine - Street

This 18-year-old man does have very good skills in the Free Fire esports sport. Street or Muhammad Afaiq managed to get into the EVOS Divine team after experiencing various obstacles in his life.

He earns as an esports pro player of USD 49,440.03

8. EVOS Divine - Abu

Abu Sofyan or EVOS Abu is a member of the EVOS Divine team who made history of various achievements in the Free Fire esports arena on a national to international scale.

As an esports athlete, he managed to get a total salary of USD 49,651.80

9. EVOS Divine - SAM13

SAM13 or Saeful Muharrom is one of the players who won the World Cup Free Fire 2019 with EVOS Capital. He managed to dominate the Free Fire tournament throughout his career.

He managed to earn an income of USD 68,084.45 or

10. EVOS Divine - MR05

Regi Pratama is the best Free Fire rusher from Indonesia today. He has won various tournaments with EVOS Divine.

Now his income as an esports athlete is USD 69,014.45 which is the highest FF pro player salary.

The current salary of Pro Player FF has reached almost 1 billion rupiah. It's a very big number for a Free Fire esports player at this time. Interested in becoming an esports athlete in Indonesia? Happy working hard and fighting!

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