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File Dump EMMC Infinix Hot 10 Play

 File Dump EMMC Infinix Hot 10 Play

Assalamualaikum...Good afternoon friends, welcome back to our beloved websitein our article we summarize the dump file emmc infinix hot 10 play phone.

In this article, I will share a backup file from the normal Infinix Hot 10 Play, then I will backup the HP dump file of 1 gigabyte.

Infinix Hot 10 Play dump files can solve:

  • Totally dead
  • Failed to flash
  • eternal bootloop
  • hang logo
  • demo phone and others

Dump Emmc Infinix Hot 10 Play files

Incidentally here I have an infinix hot 10 play Case: Demo mode, I've tried formatting multiple partitions in a scatter

which smells of demo mode still fails, try to flash the new firmware successfully but still demo mode,try the format all method, you can't get an error in the tkv and tranfs.img partitions, (if there is an unlocktool, just flash it)

  • continue how the technician pry the emmc brand foresee ncemasld bga 153,
  • identify ufi, back up full dump 1gb, back up red partition imei,
  • continue to factory erase emmc and erase full content..
  • then restore dump, identify, enter user part write again partition back up imei..
  • identify again, enter the factory image tab, just fill in the new firmware preloader,

or if you want to flash it directly, you can also do it.. I have full flash via ufi successfully, identify room reads normally,

try to install emmc, turn it on just detect the mtk port, immediately full flash again the new firmware via cm2 donggle,

Thank God the phone is on and the demo mode is gone. secure imei. Dump Infinix Hot 10 Play HERE

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