Getting to Know Adsterra Ad Types

 Getting to Know Adsterra Ad Types

ALREADY know Adsterra? Have you ever posted an ad on Adsterra? Let's see a review of what types of ads on Adsterra you need to know. Adsterra not only provides online advertising services for publishers but also for advertisers with various advantages.

Benefits for Advertisers on Adsterra

Adsterra not only provides benefits for publishers, but also for advertisers. With more than 10 thousand ad impressions, your ad will be able to reach more users from various regions.

Adsterra also provides features and views that are easy for advertisers to understand, advertisers can create ads with a minimum deposit of $100. Adsterra also offers various pricing methods such as CPM, CPA, CPI, and CPL.

You can also place ads on your Facebook page to attract more users. Apart from advertising, additional income and bonuses can be obtained from the referral feature provided by Adsterra.

Types of Adsterra Ads

To be able to understand how Adsterra works, it helps us to know the various types of ads according to their needs and usage. What are the ad niches on Adsterra? Check out the full explanation of the various types of ads on Adsterra below:


You must be familiar with banner ads, the most commonly used type of ads because they don't annoy users. Banner ads are usually placed at the top of the main page and are well known for enhancing advertising campaigns.

Banner advertisers are also among the easiest among other types of ads. Banner ads can also make your website or blog more attractive, colorful, and varied. Visitors will be more interested in reading information from the displayed banner ads.


Popunder is an ad that is displayed in a new window in the browser, this ad will still run even though the window is the background of the main window. The users will not be bothered by the ads appearing in the main window. Popunder ads are perfect for use on any niche website.

Direct Link

Direct link as the name suggests is a type of ad that will display a link or link on a blog or website and will be directed directly to the ad site. Users can choose whether to click on a link or not based on their interest in the link provided.

Native Ads

One of the most commonly used types of ads is Native Ads, these ads are usually used by bloggers. Native ads can be placed in articles, you can place these ads at the beginning, middle, or end of the article.

Adsterra has developed native Ads ads to reach more users. When compared to previous classic ads, native ads have up to 8 times more CTR increase.

Web Push

If you want to serve ads that are more user-specific, then you can choose push web ads. Web push ads differ from other ads in that they require user consent to get notifications.

By using the push web ad type, you can focus on users who are ready to receive information from the ad and are ready to buy the products offered. Push web ads are an effective type of advertising for your business.

Social Bar

What are the ad niches on Adsterra? One of them is Social Bar, which is the latest advertising revolution specially developed by Adsterra which aims to increase CPM (Cost Per Mile), so that it can benefit publishers. Social bars can also benefit advertisers (Advertiser) because it provides an increase in CTR up to 30 times compared to regular ads.

There are several types of ads for social bars, namely chat bars and survey bars. Chat bars can increase direct engagement from users and lead them to advertising pages. While the survey bar is a survey page where users can interact directly and respond to advertisers in advertisements.

How to Place Adsterra Ads

How to place ads on Adsterra can be through settings when creating ads and ad dashboard settings. When you register as an Adsterra Advertiser and want to create an ad, then on the create campaign page you need to specify the type of ad.

The types of ads differ based on the placement of the ads you want to display, if you want your ads to appear on the main page of a site, then you need to choose banner ads.

Or if you want to make ads as the background of the site without disturbing the user's convenience, then you need to choose popunder in your ad type.

That's the information about the types of ads on Adsterra, hopefully it helps you answer questions about what ad niches are on Adsterra

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