How to Get Indexed Fast by Bing Search Engines

Bing is one of the most popular and best search engines used by millions of people around the world besides Google. Bing is a search engine launched by Microsoft. In 2012 Bing and Yahoo formed a partnership called Yahoo! Bing Networks, so to be indexed by bing search and yahoo search, you simply have to submit a website through bing webmaster tools. This partnership allows advertisers to place ads on the search engines Yahoo!, Bing, and their partner sites.

Registering / submitting a website / blog so that it can be indexed by bing is one of the mandatory things for web owners so that their site can be easily found by search engine users. In this article, we will explain the steps for registering URLs on Bing, so that websites can be indexed quickly by search engines, and bring organic traffic from search engines.

Basically, there are two ways to submit so that your website/blog can be indexed by search engines, namely:


open the Submit Your Site to Bing submission page, and it will look like the screenshot above. Enter your site's home page, and also type the anti-spam character that appears in the box, then click sumbit. This method is very easy and fast, it does not require any technical skills and knowledge


Bing Webmaster Tools is a free service that allows a webmaster to add his site/website to Bing's crawler index. This service provides several tools that are very useful and needed by a webmaster, such as site index, submit sitemap, sumbit & ping tools, web statistics, SEO analysis, etc.

First, open the Bing Webmaster Tools page, select sign in to login to your webmaster tools account, or create a new account

for a new site, select add a site. Enter the website, click add. Then fill in the website data to be registered including a sitemap as shown below. See instructions for creating a sitemap

Next you need to verify website with HTML, follow the instructions to completion


Go to Bing Webmaster Tools, select the site to manage (the site has been previously registered). Then select Configure My Site and click Submit URLs. The Submit URLs feature in Bing Webmaster Tools is similar to Fetch as Google on Google Webmaster Tools.

This facility allows you to submit up to 10 URLs per day and a maximum of 50 URLs per month for Bing Crawler to crawl and index quickly. To submit a URL, you can enter several URLs at once (1 URL per line) and then click the submit button. The URL you submit will be evaluated immediately for indexing by search engines.

Don't forget to register your website on Google Webmaster Tools

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