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Infinix Hot 9 EMMC Dump Files Play Tested

Infinix Hot 9 EMMC Dump Files Play Tested

 Assalamualaikum ... good afternoon my friends, welcome back to our beloved websitein this article I summarize the infinix hot 9 play emmc file version X680 X680B X680C. For how to fill it as usual we use the ufi box prepare emmc according to CID list in ufi box, factory emmc, fill in the dump file below, then just keep calm while reading bismillah and blessings.

Turn it on, complete, to repair the imei, activate the oem developer option then download ModemMeta repair using the latest ModemMeta, yes, I hope it's done too my friends infinix hot 9 play emmc dump.

I hope that if you are going to download the infinix hot 9play dump file, you already know in advance about the use of the file itself.

And in this article will also be told a little about the use of this dump file. So, without further ado, let's get straight to the point of this article.

I share a dump file, and what is shared this time is the Infinix Hot 9play Dump. This file has been tested previously and then shared on this blog.

Oh yes, I'm only here to share files that have been previously tested. And for all risks that occur after the use of this file is the responsibility of each jockey.

Infinix Hot 9 Play Dump File Processing Steps

  • Infinix Hot 9 play X680 Dead Case
  • Check emmc rotten / can't read
  • Automatically without backup only
  • Replace Emmc KMQD 2/32 A1K/C2
  • Write dump 1gb, download below:
  • Infinix Hot 9play Dump Files Direct On
  • Swipe user area part
  • Special factory reset task
  • Continue to write full user area
  • Done, don't be surprised, the log for the name and series doesn't exist
  • Don't try to flash userdata, it causes a boot error
  • After writing dump
  • No need to factory reset anymore, just install it directly ON+IMEI
  • Done

Download dump file Infinix hot 9 play

For file downloads only on the website, we provide a free download of the emmc infinix hot 9 play dump file and it has been proven successful in repairing and installing the emmc infinix hot 9 play ic.

Of course we use the download link without using a shortened url, which makes it difficult for you to take this infinix dump file.

Please take this infinix hot 9 play dump file HERE

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