The Cost of Advertising for 1000 Views Youtube

 How much does YouTube pay in different countries for 1000 views in 2023

How much do bloggers earn on YouTube in different countries? Here, specific revenue figures from real YouTube channels will be presented.

It is unlikely that anyone else will show you such data somewhere. Because these are statistics not for a single channel, but for CMS, and here is integrative information on income in various countries. These are different content with a lot of views from all over the world: 

Russia is in the top 10. The market is vast and everything is not so bad. The average CPM by play is $2.83. However, of course, depending on the topic and your audience, this figure can fluctuate in a very wide range: from 30 cents to $ 7 per thousand impressions - depending on the solvency of your audience.

Ukraine. Here, for a thousand impressions, you get $ 1.85.

USA Here, the average cost of advertising is $4.36. Regarding Russia, this is about 2 times more. Monthly income fluctuations are, in many ways, very similar to the graph for Russia. If you are thinking about creating content for the US audience, then you can compare views by countries in the table above and draw conclusions.

Germany. Here, per thousand impressions on playback, on average, it turns out $ 4.96.

The rest of the numbers are also shown in the screenshot above, but I would like to focus a little on Korean traffic. Here, many channels (in particular, ASMR with food) earn good money from Korean traffic.

It is inappropriate to evaluate regions where there are practically no views. But Japan or Great Britain (for example) are those countries where the average price of commercial views is at a good level, and at the same time there are views. The bottom line is this:

The more developed the economy in the country, the more (on average) it costs advertising.

The CIS countries usually show less income due to the fact that the economy is experiencing problems, and in dollar terms, advertising is not very expensive and much worse compared to "civilized" countries. Therefore, we can conclude:

If you have the opportunity to make international content, then do it.

An example of universal content: music with beautiful visuals. Optimizing for different languages ​​(using the translation function) can attract traffic from other regions of the world. The yield due to this can be ensured really good.

What determines the cost of advertising

5G area - Does the channel's income depend on which country was selected in the settings? It doesn't matter where you live or where you live. It only matters who will watch your videos, where they will watch them from and what are the parameters of your viewers.

The cost of advertising depends on the viewer, and not on the author of the channel.

 Remember that YouTube ads are targeted. If the video is watched by a man aged 45, then he is likely to be shown an expensive advertisement for some premium car or drugs. And if the video is watched by a teenager of 15 years old, then advertising for him will most likely be shown as cheap as possible.

Therefore, channels on which the audience is more solvent, mature and active earn more money per thousand commercial views. Even within the same region and language. Advertising for viewers of some analytical business channel will definitely cost more than for a gaming channel with some low-grade Android let-plays without voice acting.

Why does YouTube revenue drop periodically? In which niche is the most expensive advertising? How much does educational content bring in (in particular, what is the income of the Konoden channel)? How is CPM calculated by play? All this in detail in Youtube video with keyword cost Country For 1000 views in Youtube

Think about what interests you, what you would like to do, what you would like to do. And then you can try to create a successful YouTube channel. If you're willing to take action and be determined enough to get things done, you'll be one of the few truly successful creators on YouTube.

Most authors quit what they started because they understand that they need to work actively, work, invest, be creative, write scripts. When the rollers do not shoot, then this is an additional disappointment. And regular crashes also add a degree of frustration to YouTube and push you to look for alternatives to YouTube, but, in fact, they simply do not exist.

Working on YouTube is not a freebie, but work. Although, on the other hand, when people finish their studies at the university, they do not get a guaranteed job at some prestigious job. You probably personally know a lot of people who, having received red diplomas, end up working outside their specialty (and the author of this blog is an example of this). There are no guarantees anywhere, you just need to take it and do it, go to the intended goal.

Do what you understand, what you are interested in and what you can do on a permanent basis. Do not take the most expensive topics just because they are the most profitable. Think deeper and look wider.

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