What Date Google AdSense Makes Payments to Blog Publishers

What Date Google AdSense Makes Payments to Blog Publishers

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Hello blogger friends ... this time the author will review about Google AdSense salary, maybe some of you are looking for information on when Google pays and how much is paid by Google.

So before receiving a salary from Google, you usually have to verify the PIN address sent by Google.

Next you must confirm the payment account, by entering your bank account, then verify the 3 digit number sent by Google, to find out the 3 digit number, you must view or print the transaction mutation, via ATM machine, Mobile Banking and come directly to the bank.

The 3 digit number sent by Google to our account is usually below 999, and that number will later serve as verification of the bank account used, so that it is truly verified from the owner.

Google AdSense Pay Schedule

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After everything is verified correctly, then we can receive a salary from Google, provided that the rupiah value of Google AdSense income has reached 100 dollars, and payment is made the following month. Google itself has rules for the Google AdSense payment range, which is from the 21st to the 26th of each month.

The author's experience when receiving a salary from Google was on November 23, 2020, and at that time the 21st fell on Saturday, and Saturday in Indonesia is a bank holiday.

Before receiving the salary, an email came in on November 22, 2020 from Google Payment, the contents of the email explained that Google AdSense had sent a payment on November 21, 2020, due to the 21st holiday, the bank could not process the clearing of the shipment, so waiting on Monday, the 23rd, and it was true that on that date the funds had been entered into the account.

Google Payments Email
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What date does Google AdSense make payments to blogger publishers? The answer is that starting on the 21st of each month, from the email above that there is a time span to receive a salary from Google, which is 6 days, meaning starting from the 21,22,23,24 to 26th.

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If during the 6 working days there is still no sign of money entering the account, then please confirm with the bank concerned, and ask the customer service department of the bank concerned about receiving payments from abroad.

Now then, what about the problem of paying Google AdSense, you find the "Automatic Payment Pending" information in the payment transaction, the author will explain these obstacles, you don't have to worry that it will not be paid by Google, we know that Google is a professional company, so they will continue to make payments, but are still in the payment queue stage starting on the 21,22,23 to the 26th.

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