What is Google AdSense? The Guide For Beginners

 What is Google AdSense? The Guide For Beginners

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The growing world of the internet today opens up many opportunities to be able to make money from the Internet. One way that is popular today is to join Google AdSense. Maybe one of you doesn't know about What is Google AdSense?

No need to worry because we will provide a complete guide for beginners who will become Google AdSense publishers.

History of Google AdSense

AdSense emerged after Google made the acquisition of Pyra Labs in February 2003, a month later, on February 4, 2003, the Chairman and CEO of Google announced the emergence of the latest advertising service from Google called AdSense. To improve advertising services in AdSense a month later Google acquired technology from Applied Semantics to maximize AdSense work better.

Since it first appeared, the AdSense service has been available only for content in English and several languages   in Europe, the Middle East, East Asia and Thailand. Finally on February 1, 2012 Google AdSense advertising service fully supports the Indonesian language.

Until now, AdSense has 2 types of accounts for its publishers, namely the hosted AdSense version for the Youtube platform and the non-hosted AdSense version for websites.

What is Google AdSense

AdSense is a CPC (cost-per-click)-based advertising program that allows website owners to earn revenue from the ads installed. Since its first appearance, many website owners have competed to register as an AdSense publisher in Indonesia. It is proven that until now there have been around 2 million more AdSense publishers spread all over the world and every year it is always increasing.

AdSense displays ads on websites in the form of text, images and videos to website visitors according to their interests. The job of Google AdSense is to use the cache of the user's browser to find out what is needed, later the ads that appear will match your interests or needs.

For example, if you're looking for cheap hosting on the Google search engine, it won't be long before the ads that appear are from various Indonesian cheap hosting providers. The ads that appear will change automatically following the cache stored in your browser.

How Google Adsense Works

The way Google AdSense works is that by paying for every click on ads from website visitors, the more clicks, the greater the AdSense revenue.

For that you have to create interesting website content coupled with the right WordPress SEO techniques. Here we show how Google AdSense works:

1. Your first step is to provide ad space

The placement of ads is usually in the header, article, footer and sidebar. How to install you just paste the ad code in the form of a script in that section, later the ad will appear according to the interests of website visitors.

2. The most expensive ads will appear

Advertisers will bid at the highest price in order to appear on the available ad space on your website.

3. Get paid

The amount of payment obtained comes from advertisements that have been clicked/opened by website visitors. The cost per click depends on the type of product and bid competition between advertisers.

Sign up for Google Adsense

Before applying for AdSense, you need to understand that not all websites can be accepted by AdSense, only websites that qualify from AdSense.

If you experience rejection, please read what error caused it to be rejected and if it is correct, please resubmit. Here we provide a Google AdSense guide for beginners:

1. Clicks and impressions

AdSense works by displaying ads on the website, then when a click occurs, the income is calculated. To make sure everything goes well, AdSense prohibits clicking on its own ads, asking other people to click on ad impressions, placing ads that manipulate visitors and prohibited from promoting websites illegally so that it brings less quality traffic.

2. Content guidelines

Google AdSense partners are responsible for all content on the website, things that are prohibited such as pornographic content, containing copyright, containing violence and containing SARA.

For content that is published, try to be unique and relevant, do not act fraudulently by entering excessive keywords and installing code that violates this, resulting in the account being disabled.

3. Ad implementation

After being accepted as an AdSense publisher, to be able to serve ads on the website, you are required to install the AdSense ad code on the websitee. There are several things that you must make guidelines such as not being allowed to install pop-up ads and other ad formats that are detrimental to visitors and advertisers.

4. AdSense account deactivation

If you don't comply with Google AdSense guidelines, be prepared for your AdSense account to be banned or disabled by Google.

Thus a discussion of what Google AdSense is and AdSense guidelines for beginners. How are you interested in joining a Google AdSense publisher? If so, please prepare it including the website. For website matters, we recommend using the best hosting. At Qwords.com we provide the best hosting at low prices starting from 14,500/month. In addition, we provide a 30-day money back guarantee to consumers if they are not satisfied with our service.

If there are still questions that are not clear about what AdSense is and everything related to AdSense, please add them in the comments column below.

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