How to Overcome Low Value Content Adsense & Its Causes

Tutorial How to Overcome Low Value Content Adsense & Its Causes

5G area - As a blogger, you may already be familiar with google adsense ads, maybe for those of you who just know that a blogger can also make money by serving adsense ads, maybe this is an interesting thing, isn't it and will make you happy? more excited to write.

However, when you start submitting to register your blog or website to google adsense, after submitting you want to join then you get a rejection that you are not accepted or rejected by google adsense on the grounds of Low Value Content, for those of you who are hearing the reasons for this rejection for the first time, it feels very confusing.

Reasons for Rejected Adsense With Low Value Content Reasons

Before we discuss how to deal with Adsense rejection on the grounds of Low Value Content, maybe we need to discuss what caused your blog to be rejected for that reason.

Several Factors Cause Low Value Content Or Low Value Content:

  1. The number of indexed articles is still small
  2. Number of deindexed article pages
  3. Insufficient or little article visitor traffic
  4. The quality of the article content is not good
  5. There is a google adsense policy violation

Okay, today we will discuss one by one, starting from the first order, there are still few indexed articles. This can happen from a blogger who is in a hurry to register a blog or website to google adsense. A small number of indexed articles will cause a series of other causes. why the blog or website that you just built can be categorized as low-value content.

The second can happen if you have a blog or website that is old, but rarely updated. Changes in the privacy and general policies of adsense may change from time to time. Article content that does not comply with the policy can cause some article pages to be de-indexed or missing from google search.

If the two causes above occur, it will cause new problems for your blog or website, namely your blog's traffic will decrease. The possibility of low traffic or traffic dropping drastically due to violations, it will cause invalid traffic. One of the causes of invalid traffic could be because visitors or blog visitors who come to a blog or website come from bots that are prohibited by Google such as the jingling bot which is being experienced by many Indonesian bloggers.

This is one of the most vulnerable to your blog which is often rejected by adsense, one of which is low value content or low-value content. Maybe you think the content you discuss is very useful for visitors who come to your website. However, the way your blog is delivered can be confusing visitors such as too many pleasantries, very long articles, visitors don't get or find something they are looking for. So that visitors will return to their search, so that the Google algorithm will read that the quality of content is low because the amount of time visitors spend on your blog is very low. little. It could be less than 1 minute your blog or website is abandoned by visitors.

And the last one is a very common cause why a blog or website can be rejected by google adsense, namely because of a violation of google adsense policies. I put this in the rejection category that we will discuss today "Low Value Content". my advice is that you better understand the google adsense policies first.

How to Overcome Google Adsense Low Value Content

After you understand or know the cause that you can be rejected by Google Adsense because of low value content, maybe you already understand how to fix it, here are the important points that you must do:

  1. Improve the quality of article content
  2. Comply with google adsense policies
  3. Increase organic traffic on your blog or website

It seems that this is a common method for bloggers who experience adsense rejection for other reasons, but this method is very useful for the rejection of google adsense that we are discussing today. But the most important thing for me personally is that you have to improve the quality of content and traffic organic to get the amount of traffic that is quite large or high so that it deserves to be accepted by Google Adsense.


That's information about the causes of low value content and how to deal with it, hopefully this information can help you.

Dodi Maulana
I am a writer on this website that discusses Blogger Tutorials, Youtube and Google Adsense Tips

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