10 Services to check Website domains that are banned by Google Adsense

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 Welcome to iBionic Tech. When you register a new domain or buy an expired domain/aged domain, you must find out whether the domain has been blacklisted/banned by Google Adsense or not. The problem is if the domain was previously banned, then at any time it will not be able to serve Adsense ads from any publisher account

For example, my former domain was helmykkediri.id, 2 years ago I was banned by Adsense because I was playing blackhat traffic to manipulate CPC (for fun/experiment), after my Adsense account was banned, at first I thought it was really stupid because I still have dozens of Google Adsense accounts that I haven't used

Then I added the domain to another account and up to 48 hours the adsense ads didn't show up even though the status was active then I tried adding a new domain and the result was that adsense ads could show 100%

Trying to outsmart it by creating a new adsense account and registering the helmykkediri.id domain, after waiting 48 hours I finally got an email notification that my blog has been approved as an adsense partner

Then I posted a few ads and the results are still the same, that is, the ad is blank, aka it can't appear even though when I add a new domain, the ad can appear

From here I conclude that the helmykkediri.id domain has been blacklisted by Adsense and will forever not be able to serve ads from Adsense. I had registered for Adsense 2x until the domain could not be registered again and then I let it expire

After a few months, the domain was re-registered by someone else and as you can see the domain will no longer be able to serve adsense ads but if you just add it to your adsense account it can still

Even though you can pass the add site review if it's been blacklisted by Adsense it's useless. Actually there are lots of aged domains that have been banned by Adsense and maybe you accidentally re-registered or bought one of them

For bloggers who depend on the main source of income from adsense ads, this is a serious problem, but if you are not an adsense slave, I think there are many ways to make money from blogs other than adsense.

In this post, I will share a list of services to check whether a domain has been banned or blacklisted by Adsense or not, before moving on to the main discussion, let me explain the basics first.

Get to know adsense

Adsense is an advertising network owned by internet giant Google which is the most popular among webmasters around the world. The best thing about adsense is that the ads are quality, the payments are always on time, the brand is very well known and provides multiple payment options

In addition, many successful bloggers are earning thousands of dollars every month from blogs that have collaborated with Adsense

Buy a domain that is blacklisted by adsense

You may have experienced a situation where you bought a domain but Adsense ads never appeared there because they were previously banned. You need a lot of effort to make an appeal by filling out a series of forms but because it used to be someone else's blog, it's a shame if you don't have the data needed to win the appeal such as traffic sources, traffic quality, demographics, link quality etc.

You lose a lot of money because Adsense ads never appear on your blog. To prevent this, I will show a list of services to check whether a certain domain name has been previously banned by adsense or not, before you buy a domain.

Here are 10 services to check website domains that are banned by Google Adsense:

1. Windows10gadgets

Even though the domain name is windows10gadgets.pro , they provide a special service to check whether a site has been banned from serving adsense ads or not in the past.

I don't really understand how this service concludes whether a domain is banned or not, what is clear is that they have an algorithm that is claimed to be good enough to convince users

Their algorithm is based on the idea "if the site is not banned by adsense , then ads will appear there" this service will technically scan the website pages to find some traces like client ID , default language , script from googleads , robot mediapartners-google about the site which may be banned

After that, the service will start a comprehensive test to make a decision

I can't say much, so please try it yourself

2. checkbanned.com

This service can be used to see if your domain has been blocked from google adsense or search engines

The official site doesn't show how this service works, they just say that as long as a page from a certain domain is indexed by google.com then that domain is not banned by adsense

This site ranks quite high with the keyword "check banned adsense" even though the content seems ridiculous and looks not to be trusted at all

3. bannedcheck.com

Adsense banned check is a powerful service to verify whether a website or domain is banned by adsense or search engine or not. Keep in mind, the results of these services may not be accurate but at least they will give you good advice

All you need to do is enter the domain name followed by www then press the submit button, wait a few moments for the report to appear as shown in the image above. Even though this tool is not reliable either

4. ctrlq.org/sandbox

The sandbox check service will check the topic of a domain in the past whether it is related to adult elements, gambling, copyright, violence and hatred and then draw conclusions whether certain domains are blacklisted from the Google Adsense advertising network or not.

You simply enter your domain address in the box provided then click preview, if you don't see a preview for your ad it's likely that the domain has indeed been banned in the past

This adsense sandbox service was developed by Amit Agarwal since 2007 just for digital inspiration. It is not affiliated with google , adwords , dfp or adsense

It's very unfortunate when I check my blog www.helmykediri.com the ad is blank, even though an Adsense ad should appear, please try it for entertainment or whatever.

By the way, this service has been very popular among webmasters since 2016 and has included tutorials in many paid ebooks.

5. isbanned.com/

This is a very simple service or so I think. This service is claimed to have the ability to check whether certain domains are banned by Adsense or not. They also provide suggestions for changing the domain name to another or duplicating the site on the new domain so that they can serve Adsense ads again

The rest, please try it yourself

6. My favorite gadgets

Another bullshit service that ranks highest with the keyword "check my adsense banned domain". This is an unofficial third party service that makes no guarantees of any kind. The algorithm they use is based on page testing to find adsense history codes, it can also recognize google adsense iframe code or not.

As you can see, the test results show that the domain helmykediri.com is said to be banned by Adsense, even though you can see Adsense ads running on this blog.

7. Michael design banned checker

This checker service is made by Arabs because about it is available in Arabic. This service seems to have been integrated with the API from ctrlq.com/sandbox so all sites that you check status will be banned from adsense

The site also lacks information, so I can't really explain how their algorithm works

8. namewest.com

This is a bulk checker service that can be used to check many domains at once and then provide report results in 3 assessments:

> Clean: indicates that the domain is not banned by adsense or google search

> Adult: indicates that the domain is included in the adult domain classification so it is dangerous when adsense is installed

> Faillisted: informs that the domain has been banned by Google and it is not recommended to buy it

9. domainisbanned.com

This service allows you to check if your domain is banned by Google Adsense. They will check if a website and domain is banned by adsense by crawling the page. Although I can't really trust them because of the lack of information or the methods they use

10. Seotoolnetwork

Most of the people are now aware of advertising trends. Google Search Engine gives you the opportunity to submit images, videos and text to advertise on a variety of different websites. You are allowed to choose the website where you want your ad to be posted. In some cases, people using Google AdSense have come across situations where their website has been banned. Google AdSense Banned Checker tool will help you to make sure whether your website is blocked from Google AdSense or not.

Other services to check website domains banned by Adsense:

- http://stratage.ms/en/adsensebanned/

- https://adsensechecker.com/

- https://proseotoolkit.com/adsense_checker.php

In conclusion

There is no single service on the internet that can really show or tell you that a particular domain/website has been banned by Adsense or not. All lists of services check for adsense banned domains in circulation at the moment is just a big bullshit!

They are nothing more than fake checker services created to make money by placing some advertisements. They are unable to explain how the algorithms used for scoring work or most checker services do not display useful information

The only algorithm they claim to be correlated is to scan pages for badwords or adsense ad history codes to determine whether a particular site's domain was banned by adsense or not, and in fact their methods are not correlated at all.

If you haven't bought a domain, then you can't find out with a service checker whether the domain has been banned by Adsense or not. The only thing you can do is look at the past snippets of the domain using the web.archive.org service and check the content compliance with the google adsense service.

If you have already bought a domain, please add a review site to Adsense and if successful, please install the ad script then wait up to 48 hours. If the ad doesn't appear, it means your domain has been banned. The way to open a ban is to file an appeal by filling out a form, but that's difficult to do because of the lack of information from the domain that causes it to be banned by Adsense.

Another way is to register the domain with the Googlesearch console (https://search.google.com/search-console) and then look at the history of the domain in the past. Open the message section and look for some information that indicates a violation regarding manual action or any ban that can cause the domain to be viewed badly in the eyes of Google

Dodi Maulana
All Because of Allah Ta'ala

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