5 Prohibited Content for Google AdSense Ads Part 1

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As a publisher, one of the main income is from advertising. Advertisements also have a variety of content and the aim is to promote products so that people who see them on your website are interested in them. Especially if your website has high traffic, then ads can be more in number and seen more often.

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However, did you know that there is some content that cannot be advertised from Google AdSense? Why? Certainly not far from a policy problem. Apart from that, Google also wants to provide a better and safer experience for all parties, especially its users.

What content is not allowed to be advertised by Google AdSense? Let we see this resume.

1. Illegal Content

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The first content that cannot be embedded with the Google AdSense ad code is illegal content. What is Illegal? What is meant by illegal content is that the content promotes things that are illegal and violates applicable laws/rules. Things that are illegal are of course forbidden to do so Google doesn't want its users to be "inspired" to do illegal things and use them as a field to make money through Google AdSense ad monetization.

2. Content that Infringes on Intellectual Property

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Second, content that violates intellectual property rights and property is also prohibited from being attached to the Google AdSense ad code. What constitutes infringement of intellectual property? Of course content that violates copyright and trades counterfeit goods. Google really respects the intellectual rights and property of its users so content that is deemed to violate this policy may not be monetized or embedded with Google AdSense ad code.

3. Content Contains Endangered and Endangered Species

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Google will not allow you to monetize content that contains endangered and endangered species such as the trade in endangered species or the sale of products from endangered species protected by law, such as tiger skin, shark fin, elephant ivory and rhino horn. Don't let you install the Google AdSense ad code in content that sells products from these animals.

4. Dangerous and Derogatory Content

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Google also does not allow harmful and insulting content to be embedded with the Google AdSense ad code. What content is harmful or offensive? Examples are SARA discrimination, intimidation, provoking violence, narcotics, terrorism, and revenge. Why is that? Because the content is considered to be harassing, insulting, hurting, and judging others. Google also doesn't want its users to take advantage of this content as a place for content monetization.

5. Content that Supports Dishonesty Behavior

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Google wants its users to be honest and transparent when using their products, including when surfing the internet. Therefore things that contain dishonesty behavior will be prohibited from being attached to the Google AdSense ad code. What are they? For example, making fake documents, certificate making services, exam jockeys, hacking, and video streaming of prohibited content.

Those are a number of important points regarding the types of content that cannot be embedded with Google AdSense ad code because they can be subject to policy violations. So that publishers are not exposed to issues of violating Google AdSense rules and policies, it would be nice if the ad code was only placed in safe content. Always follow the rules from Google, including not installing the Google AdSense ad code in the content mentioned earlier.

There is more content that may not be embedded with ad code or monetized with Google AdSense. We will discuss it further in the next session.

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Dodi Maulana
All Because of Allah Ta'ala

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