5 Prohibitions for Google Adsense Publishers

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Welcome to the IBionicTech Blog. My post this time wants to share about the strict prohibition for a google adsense publisher. On the site page of the google adsense program policy, several points have been mentioned regarding the adsense advertising program policy, while what I will discuss here are the 

5 Prohibitions Most Often Violated by Publishers

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This article was created because it was inspired by a forum where a beginner like me who had just entered the world of blogging for fun registered his blog to become an Adsense partner, accidentally (he said) his blog was accepted and officially fully approved as an Adsense ad publisher.

Because I'm still a beginner, I don't know if I've never read the adsense program policies or because I don't know, after a few days my blog disabled ads. Automatically blogs that have been banned by Google Adsense cannot be re-registered unless you change the URL or change the domain

What causes Sinewbie's Adsense ads to be banned? it turned out that the cause was due to an error in the ad click itself, he argued that if you wait for clicks from visitors voluntarily every day, the number will be slightly less than 5 clicks. Therefore, to help balance ad impressions with CTR click ratios, help with your own ad clicks

Sinewbie doesn't know the prohibition regarding clicking on his own ads, the reason why Google Adsense is banned?

based on what he said, whether he was sure or not sure he had read briefly about the adsense program policy regarding ad clicks themselves being counted as invalid clicks.

However, he admitted that he had read an otakadsense misguided ebook and several confessions from other members that he said it was safe to click on his own ads by changing the IP address and deleting the browser cache, which made him worried.

The trick worked, every day the earnings were between 23 $ -10 $ / day, of course this made the newbie happy until finally he published it in several groups and forums (his name is also a newbie) while if asked about the trick he would immediately remain silent.

It didn't take long for Adsense to notice that there were invalid clicks until suspicious traffic didn't redirect from the search engine but got a lot of clicks, within a week the account was immediately banned

Of course we are sad when we read a few sad stories like the one above, in fact there are several other restrictions that are often violated by adsense publishers, including

1. Invalid clicks/invalid impressions

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Invalid clicks, Google prohibits publishers from clicking their own Adsense strictly in the Adsense program policy rules

Publishers may not click on their own ads or use any improper means, including manual methods, to inflate impressions and/or clicks.

In addition, ad serving must be in accordance with the interests of visitors, what if you clear the browser cache so that the Google system is confused in choosing display ads that are relevant to visitors? maybe what appears is only public service ads with cheap click values

In addition, the activity of clicking on ads itself does not help Google in tracking the origin of visitors who come either from search engines or from social media, this also causes invalid traffic violations

The activity of successive clicks or what we know as bomb clicks will trigger a violation and cause an adsense account to be suspended, although Adsense provides a feature to appeal if it is felt that it is indeed nosy activity from a third party attacker.

The point is, never click on your own ads, never look for enemies in cyberspace because there are shirk people out there who haven't made a lot of money from blogs, so if you show off screenshots, their brains will definitely heat up. It's best if you have a sitemoney blog, you don't have to spread it too vulgar everywhere

2. Advise to click ads

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Publishers may not make direct written statements that encourage visitors to click on ads or with agreements to exchange clicks, this is already prohibited and adsense already has a solution to this problem

Some of the evil tricks hidden in Adsense ad clicks include:

- Promising the lure, for example, if person A wants to click on an ad, we will comment on A's blog 3x or just exchange ad clicks so that they are mutually beneficial for each other, for whatever reason it is prohibited !!!

- Implied and explicit messages

The blog owner expressly adds a message so that visitors click on advertisements on this blog for future admin maintenance costs or implicitly complains about assistance with clicking advertisements for cigarette costs, recommends not to disable adblock etc.

- Give a sign

Advertisers provide special signs or graphic cues so that visitors click on ads on the blog, including giving a cutout bro, the code that the blog cannot be opened while activating the adlock feature is also a violation, please just report it if you find a blog like this

Actually, by placing the correct ad and not disturbing visitors, then registering it on the adblock whitelist, the ad on your blog will still show even if the visitor turns on adblock, so don't look for reasons because adsblock blocks your ad.

Indeed, some browsers such as opera and ucbrowse have added adblock as a default feature, have you heard that next year Google Chrome will also add adblock to its system?

- Placing adsense ads with the type of slider, popup, floating, shadow box etc. is a violation in terms of modifying the ad so that it forces visitors whether they want it or not to have to click on the ad

- Disguise ads by making adsense ads look like content or with a timer where ads will appear and disappear automatically, or adsense ads follow malicious mouse scripts that are proudly used just report them

3. Content guidelines

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Adsense publishers are prohibited from creating content that violates adsense policies For example, content that is adult, violent, or promotes racial discrimination , gambling content , hackers , illegal drugs and violates copyright

So if you initially created a blog that complies with the policy, but over time you add a number of posts that violate the guidelines above, you can be sure that your Adsense account will be disabled whether you are aware of the mistake you made or not.

4. Content violates copyright

Picture : Pixabay.com

There are many digital products in cyberspace that are protected by DMCA / copyright law, it is forbidden to place adsense ads on pages that contain copyright content infringement whether directly known or not

If the adsense program receives complaints regarding publishers regarding copyright issues, the ad will automatically be suspended

Here are some things that are copyrighted such as articles, photos, videos, software, games, templates, digital products that have credit etc.

So be careful when including any content and supporting elements to the sitemoney blog, don't let the slightest mistake lead to a ban. we are still to blame

However, as a publisher, we must comply with the adsense program policies

5. Selling counterfeit goods

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The counterfeit goods referred to here are to combat pirated products, in copyright a person can buy a product and then duplicate it by removing the owner's credit link label.

This includes serious violations whose sanctions are immediately banned permanently, Google has campaigned explicitly that they categorically reject attempts to sell counterfeit goods that violate the law regarding ownership regardless of the form of business

Pay attention to every content that we publish, keep it from duplicating illegal items such as redesign templates, modified products, removal of copyright labels on digital products and attempts to distribute goods illegall

Some of the things above are violations that are most often committed by Google Adsense ad publishers under the pretext of increasing income or because they don't really know because they are lazy to read the policy rules made by Adsense.

If you find a blog that violates Adsense policies, you can help report the blog directly to Adsense services so that action is taken immediately. I don't mean to interfere, but kindness is bound to get a kindness in return, just like when we report a thief to the police, if we don't make the report, the thief is free to do whatever crime he likes. Do not turn a blind eye to an evil

For more details regarding the prohibitions that have been made and should have been approved by both parties, both publishers and advertisers, please visit the adsense legal page directly to increase caution as a publisher.

Those are the posts regarding some of the prohibitions that are most often violated by adsense publishers to the point that they end up being banned accounts permanently, hopefully this is useful if something is missing, please add it yourself in the comments and thank you for visiting.

Dodi Maulana
All Because of Allah Ta'ala

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