Fiksioner Templates, Easy way to accept Google Adsense

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IbionicInfo_ Before we discuss about free premium blogger templates. In this first article, I ask permission from the readers of this website to introduce myself.

Introduce my name is Dodi Maulana, and I come from Indonesia. My goal in creating this website is to share my experiences in blogging. Especially for those of you who want to put experiences in your life into writing.

And I am very grateful to Google, which has become a place for writers to share their experiences in an article or article.

In my first article, I will share a free premium template from Indonesia which has a seo friendly appearance, fast loading and a modern appearance.

Picture :

Of course, with this premium template it can be a reference for Google Adsense to review your site so that your site can become a Google Adsense publisher.

Fiksioner V3 By Igniel Free Blogger Premium Template

This time I will share a template that is good for registering adsense and easy to accept google adsense. The name of this template is fiction by Ms. Igniel. based on my experience using the Igniel fictional blogger template, it's very fast to register for Adsense, it only takes 1 day to be accepted and correct google adsense. of course each person has a different level of skill in registering adsense.

Igniel Fiksioner templates are quickly accepted by Google Adsense

Based on my practice and experience, the 5garea.con blog uses this fiction template, it only takes 1 day to be approved by Adsense, to be precise, I registered for Adsense on February 1, 2021 and I was approved or accepted by Adsense the next day, to be precise, February 2, 2021.

The igniel template is quickly accepted by Google Adsense

template igniel quickly accepted by google adsense

This blog is still considered new and peanuts are still about 1 month old at the time of writing, the da pa value is still 1 alias very small. articles from reading my old blog. You can see my blog history in the archive to prove the template I use. if you are adsense breeders, I suggest using this fictional template by Ms. Igniel. When registering I used Fikoner version v3 September 1 2020.

For demo Fiksioner Template : 5garea

Using fictional templates will increase the chances of being approved and quickly accepted by Google heheheh.

indeed the template factor used is just a few factors to be accepted by Adsense.

Pros of Fiksioner By Igniel Blogger Templates

Ms. Igniel is known as a reliable template maker, especially in terms of speed and appearance. One of his works is Igniel Fiction Template, Diaprove Adsense Fast Premium Flavor free template. I quote from Ms. Igniel's blog

Fiksioner template The display style is designed to be large and wide because it was originally designed specifically for personal blogging needs, aka those who like to write journals, record personal experiences, or write fiction. That is the reason for naming him a Fictioner, aka a person who likes fiction (imagination).

of course, the responsive template fiction is supported, SEO friendly, Mobile friendly, Schema markup, breadcumbs. Using the template by Igniel, I'm not afraid of the breadcumbs search console error, hehehehe.

Another reason I used this template was originally because I wanted to see how it looks suitable for personal blogs and is flexible to use for any niche blog theme, including the gado gado blog.

Fiksioner By Igniel Template Features

Picture :

  • Layout v3 and Widget v2 This is the latest and most advanced version of the Blogger template.
  • Multi Related Post Related articles are spread evenly into posts. Not piled up in one place (mostly in the middle) like related posts in general.
  • Blogger Theme Designer Support To change fonts, colors, and other views, just do it through the Blogger Theme Designer. No more passing HTML code.
  • Template feature menus and settings can be modified directly from the widget in Layout. No need to bother editing HTML.
  • Strategic ad placement guide.
  • Lazy loading of images
  • Sticky sidebars.
  • Numbered navigation.
  • The appearance is modern, minimalist, simple, but still elegant.
  • Valid Google data structure.
  • SEO-friendly.
  • Mobile-friendly.
  • Responsive.
  • Super lightweight and fast page load times.
  • Schema markup
  • breadcumbs

For a demo and download of the Fikoner template, you can just stop by at Ms. Igniel's blog, all of you for comments and thanks there too.

Thank you, I'm very grateful because Ms. Igniel shared this Fiksioner template for free without a license, hehehehe.

Okay, that's all my experience using the igniel fiction template to quickly be accepted by Google Adsense that I can share. I hope this article is useful. thanks :)

Dodi Maulana
All Because of Allah Ta'ala

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