How Long is YouTube Monetization Review in 2023?

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 The process of reviewing the YouTube channel is the monetization stage for the YouTube channel so that it becomes a YouTube partner so that a YouTuber can make money from YouTube by displaying advertisements on videos.

YouTube monetization review can be said to be annoying because no one knows for sure how long the YouTube review process will take, it could take months and some even count the YouTube channel for days and it has been monetized, according to some people this is considered luck, even though in reality this is not the case.

Some YouTube channel reviews are short and some are long depending on how the person manages the YouTube channel

There are no short steps and ways to speed up reviewing YouTube channel monetization except by really building a YouTube channel, therefore I will share my experience and research regarding the speedy process of reviewing my YouTube channel.

The youtube channel will be reviewed after the channel meets the minimum requirements for youtube channel monetization thats is : 

  • Have 1000 subscribers
  • Has 4000 broadcast hours or the equivalent of 240,000 minutes
  • Linking with google adsanse
  • Agree to the terms of the YouTube partner program
  • And already verified the YouTube channel account

I suggest that you read my post about YouTube channel monetization so that you don't take the wrong decision in making a decision if you want to monetize your YouTube channel.

How long does the YouTube monetization review take?

Youtube does not give a definite time regarding the review of the YouTube channel, however, YouTube informs a time period of around 1 – 2 weeks and can even be 4 weeks, depending on the queue that goes in for review, some even up to 3 months more have not received confirmation that the YouTube channel has been received or accepted. refuse monetization.

The lengthy process of reviewing YouTube channel monetization usually makes many YouTubers collapse and give up hope of making money from YouTube, because they have waited too long for the review process to find confirmation from YouTube, aka the channel that is hung by YouTube.

Youtube doesn't have no reason to hang up the YouTube channel, there must be some deficiencies or cheating from their YouTube channel, so YouTube keeps waiting for creators to complete the deficiencies to stop cheating, and it's really very disappointing if the results are rejected for YPP.

Uploading regularly can it speed up the YouTube review process?

How to Speed Up the Youtube Monetization Review Process

Uploading regularly cannot speed up the YouTube review process, even every day you post videos to YouTube will not be able to speed up the review process from YouTube, because every day there will definitely be a barrage of channels queuing to wait for monetization review approval from YouTube and as a digital company the biggest youtube definitely prioritizes channels that have queued first.

Can good content speed up the YouTube review process?

No matter how good your YouTube content is, it will not speed up the review process from YouTube, because it is not only content that is rated by YouTube, but many things, many people in the group complain because their content is good, uploads regularly, the number of subscribers is large, the number there are also a lot of broadcast hours but their channel is still being hung by YouTube, aka the long review process.

What did YouTube see during the review process?

Certainly the first thing that YouTube sees is the minimum requirements above, but that doesn't mean that your YouTube channel can be said to have a fast review process. Even a channel that doesn't experience a copyright strike doesn't mean that it will speed up the YouTube review process, nothing is certain when the review process takes place. is there a way to make the YouTube channel review process fast?, of course there is, that's why I made this post to share my personal experience that I have applied to one of my research channels.

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How to speed up the youtube review process

So that the review process from YouTube doesn't take long, you have to do and implement the things below on your YouTube channel

  • Fill in the channel description
  • Link youtube channel with social media
  • Add youtube playlists
  • Put a youtube cover or banner
  • Put a profile photo as a logo
  • Use a watermark or watermark branding from a profile photo

Activate monetization after meeting the minimum requirements

1. Fill in the channel description

The YouTube channel description is a brief description of the YouTube channel which can be written based on the intent and purpose of the channel being created. It looks simple but it really matters when it comes to monetization.

Youtube will know the aims and objectives of the channel from the description on the About channel tab, so that the YouTube team can draw channel conclusions is made seriously or just spam only.

Use the guide on how to make a YouTube channel description to make it easier to write channel descriptions and YouTube SEO friendly so that your channel can appear in Google search

2. Link the YouTube channel with social media

You have to link to social media when the YouTube channel is being reviewed and or will be reviewed because YouTube will also see your daily activities on social media.

Believe it or not the YouTube team will visit one by one the social media that you link on YouTube. so by linking to social media other than YouTube, it will be an added value so that the channel is quickly in the process of reviewing monetization.

3. Add youtube playlists

A playlist is a playlist that separates videos with the same topic and adding a playlist will make it easier for the YouTube team to monitor all videos on your YouTube channel.

Apart from speeding up the monetization review process, playlists will also make it easier for other people to explore video content on your YouTube channel, so that potential subscribers will be helped to find your other videos.

Make sure you also provide a description for each playlist that has been created

4. Install a YouTube cover or banner

The cover is the main cover of the channel by making a YouTube cover or header that will tell other people you are serious or YouTube that you are serious about making a channel, usually in the contents of the channel's slogan, besides adding to the appearance of the channel, the cover will also speed up the YouTube review process.

If you don't add a cover to your YouTube channel, YouTube will consider it spam, and the monetization application will definitely be rejected, or maybe you won't get a decision from YouTube until you add a YouTube channel.

5. Put a profile photo as a logo

The profile photo will be the hallmark of the YouTube channel and the profile photo will also be the identifier for the YouTube channel, so you use a profile photo that represents your YouTube channel. In the sense of a YouTube profile photo as a logo

You may forget this trivial thing, but a profile photo can speed up the YouTube monetization review process. Don't contact, change your profile photo before the channel is finished being reviewed

6. Use Watermark or watermark

Adding a branding watermark will acquire all your work on YouTube, use the branding watermark from your profile photo, don't use anything else, this method is only during the monetization review so that the review process runs fast.

After the YouTube channel has confirmation from YouTube that it has been accepted or rejected, you can put a branding watermark as you wish, even if it's not the same as the profile photo.

7. Activate monetization after meeting the minimum requirements

In order to quickly review the next YouTube monetization, do not activate monetization before meeting the minimum monetization limit, because when you activate channel monetization from the start automatically, you will create and have linked Google Adsense with YouTube and that is very influential during the review because it will automatically enter in the monetization review queue

If you have already activated monetization from the start, you can delete or close Google Adsense which is already linked to YouTube and create another Google Adsense later after meeting the minimum monetization requirements, then you link it back to your YouTube channel using the new Adsense.

remember,,, you can only have one google adsense account, if you have two adsense accounts that will be the cause of the long review of the youtube channel too. can even be refused monetization.

8. Delete all spam comments

Next, so that the YouTube channel is quickly monetized when reviewing, you must clean up all incoming spam comments or comments that are being held for review

You can find spam comments on the YT Studio dashboard in the comments menu section, delete all held for review and spam comments. do this if the channel is being reviewed and block comments that include links


Nothing you can't do as long as you want to try and continue the process, the above method that I applied on my old YouTube channel, was made in 2012, and focused on posting in early 2019 the review process is only 4-5 days with a subscriber count of 1110 I hope this post is useful, don't forget to tell your friends who have the same problem if it works this way, because sharing is beautiful.

Dodi Maulana
All Because of Allah Ta'ala

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