How to Get Articles to Enter Page One

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There are several ways, concepts, tips, and even tricks so that a website and article can enter page one and/or occupy top ranking positions in various search engines (search engines) such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Duckduck.go and so on.

To get all of that is not as easy as turning your hand let alone just a wishful thinking in your mind. All of this requires a lot of general and specific understanding about understanding how search engines work which is directly related to crawling, indexing, website ranking, as well as assessing the "unique" quality of the articles in it.

Why and why a website and article is so important to be able to enter page one or be ranked first (1) is from the definite possibility of potential traffic to be able to get lots of visitors on a website through the posting (content) of the articles it presents.

The tendency of the majority of information seekers as a whole will see and read on websites and articles that occupy the first page / page one at least only turn over the next page 2 to 3 after that.

So do not be surprised if website users from institutions, companies and individuals will compete with each other (vying) to be able to occupy/enter the first page and even to be ranked no.1 in all search engines. Especially Google which is most popular in the world which is used by most of the people.

Visitors will definitely feel lazy to find the information they want, they have to do things that make it complicated, difficult unless there are other interests of the information they are looking for such as finding dissatisfaction or other elements in the article they are looking for.

This is where the key to how to manage or create a website and its articles so that they enter the first page is a clear and detailed understanding of how search engines work and function, which provides a lot of information based on keywords entered by users or many internet users (Information seekers).

To make it easier to understand, a search engine is a program that searches for and identifies from a large amount of information in a special database that matches the keywords entered by one user or several users in a broad scope.

So website users will always prioritize the best search engine that most people use. The better the search engine (Search engine) the more relevant the information it displays.

So that people know that search engines use internet networks that are right on target for everyone. Both when internet users access it and directly related to search engines in digging up various information about website content around the world.

Understanding How Search Engines Work

How search engines work through the 3 main stages previously mentioned, namely: Crawling (commonly called crawling), indexing (indexing), and ranking (ranking).

1. Crawling

First, the way search engines work is to carry out the process of collecting data to be stored in its database. In the first stage this is done even before the user accesses the search engine on the website.

The crawling stage is carried out by so-called search engine robots (crawlers) which will explore various websites around the world and look for new content to be collected in a database.

Of course, at this stage, apart from crawling, the search engine will also look for various updated content and store the latest version of that content.

But keep in mind that, search engines will not store the original version of the content. The crawler will simply follow link after link on the website. These links include articles, PDF documents, images, videos, and so on.

A search engine is actually an automatic machine that will always look for the latest content on a website that is already registered in a search engine without having to do an article URL inspection (URL inspection). However, it will be faster and more specific if the article is done manually, namely by inspecting the URL on the webmaster tool on search engines.

2. Indexing

The process continues with the second stage, after a lot of information is stored in the database, the search engine will carry out a process that we know as "indexing".

This stage is a process that will group various information according to the same category in a keyword (keywords). The purpose of search engines is to make it easier to display results when requested (accessed) by internet service users around the world.

Categories in the indexing process can include many things including the language used, the search location, and so on. In this way, the search process in the database can be done quickly.

This is because the search engine only needs to look for the total data it has and only displays the results of each search request for the information needed by each user.

3. Rating (Ranking)

The last third stage is the search engine will display search results sequentially. This process is called ranking (ranking).

Even though search engines can provide results for millions of articles, in reality 95% of internet users will only see results that appear on the first page (page one). So it is very necessary to make the article in the position of page 1, at least the article can be ranked on 5 pages or 50-100 top ranking results on search engines.

At this stage the search engine tries to display the best and most relevant results on the first page (page one), with a ranking assessment. Imagine if one user or many users cannot find the information needed, then search engines can no longer be relied upon by people who need information that is relevant and up to date.

How to Enter Page One Website or Occupy First Page Position (1)

Before going any further, you must first understand what a website is. Website (English: website) is a collection of interconnected web pages on a domain or subdomain located on the World Wide Web (WWW) on the Internet.

Especially in building and managing a website with business goals, a website that is on page one of the results displayed by search engines, is an important and crucial factor for business growth. So efforts are needed to maximize and improve search engine optimization (SEO) on the website so that it can enter page one.

The way for a website to be in the first page position is actually not a difficult thing, this will be different if you want articles to be able to occupy page one.

Even though these things are interconnected or mutually support each other from a concept in managing the strength (SEO) of a website that is connected between Domain and Subdomain addresses.

The easiest way lies in the domain name as the main factor. A unique domain name with no duplicates and no name similarities makes it easier for search engines to crawl and index it.

Because the domain name will be the determining factor, including the subdomain in it. But remember, this happens after the website has been registered with the webmaster on a search engine, such as the website has been registered on Google Search Console.

Other supporting things that are no less important for a website to enter page one include, Website speed, Website age, Mobile friendly (friendly or responsive on mobile devices (Cellular), Website script optimization, SSL, Template Structure, and others .

If the website is complete from the things mentioned above, you can be sure a website will be on page one of the results displayed by search engines.

Besides that, to make a website look more professional when displayed on search engines, it is also necessary to set sitelinks on a website. But here will not be discussed at length. This article will focus more on discussing how articles can enter page one (page one).

After learning about how search engines function and work, you may have come up with a new strategy on how to make your website more search engine friendly.

How to Make Page One Articles in Search Engines 

Ways, concepts, tips, and even tricks so that an article can enter page one or be in the position of page 1 in various search engines, both on Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Duckduck.go and so on. But still, Google is still the belle of the popularity of the general public in the world in finding information.P

Articles to be able to rank well require several strategies, such as how to, balanced tips and concepts when writing articles related to SEO.

Although back to the actual situation, and this must be accepted as a reality. Articles can be on the first page influenced by many determining factors such as domain rental, hosting, backlink exchange, blog/website promotion with Google Adwords, buying premium backlinks for websites and others.

Second, an article can be on page one as described, influenced by many factors, also from the assessment of positioning on search engines. This is influenced by the many people who explore the need for more in-depth and detailed information. These terms are identified by a feature called a carousel or knowledge panel in each search engine.

So it can't immediately lie in the SEO strength of the article. But the good news is that when an article is seasoned with proper SEO, even if it can't enter page one, it can at least enter pages 2, 3, and 4 or get a top 50-100 ranking in search.

It's not uncommon to make articles with proper SEO that can reach a ranking position of 1 on search engines or several search engines and can last a long time even for the next few years.

This is where the real competitive battle is without having to compete by spending a lot of money to fight for positions or shift competitors on search engines, namely by maximizing the SEO of the article. This method will be very good, especially for beginner bloggers.

Tips and How Articles Enter Page One or First Page

  • Choosing the Right Headline
  • Original Article from Self-Creativity
  • Correct grammar according to the rules
  • Choosing the Right Keywords (Keyword Targeting)
  • Attractive and Relevant Images
  • backlinks


1. Choose the right article title

The first way to get the article on page one (page one) the main point to note is the title it uses. Giving the title to an article just a little bit will greatly affect the quality of SEO power.

The title of the article is also the main key to attracting readers, by creating a unique and not too long title that will have its own appeal for many people.

A title that is unique and has positive or negative power/energy will create the impression of curiosity for people who surf the internet. However, it is highly not recommended to make negative article titles even if you do, the contents of the article still provide positive things.

So every time you create an article, think more carefully about giving a title that is as unique as possible with some of the research you use. The title is important and indeed special.

Even though the contents of the article are good and complete with the information included, if the title is not balanced, of course it is no longer a good thing, especially if you want the post to be read by many people.

To make it easier to understand, how to get articles to rank above, as previously mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph, there are several ways, concepts, tips, and even tricks that need to be applied so that an article can enter page one/occupy page 1 (one) on search engines.

The ways and tips are to always put keywords in parts of the article as a whole, both in titles, permalinks and paragraphs. Keep in mind that giving too many keywords (Over) will also have a bad impact, even considered spam or excluded by search engines.

So tagging keywords in the article must also be wise in the sense that these keywords do not reduce the way and quality of the article when it is read by other people.

Because after all what is called a quality article is a form of delivery that is easily understood by most people, they need information rather than being asked to think about the meaning of the writing they read.

Unless the type of writing you make is a type of creative writing such as poetry, manuscripts, opinions and the like.

A unique article title is also part of determining who the target readers are, so the title of the article must be made that has the right target.

The uniqueness of the article title is also part of determining who the target reader is in terms of one's age and profession, so the title of the article must be exactly who will be the focus.

For example with the title of the article.

"Strategy and First Steps to Becoming a YouTuber"

"Steps to Become a YouTuber Games"

"Tips and First Steps to Learning to Write"

"Steps to Learn to Write for Anelementary school"

From the example above, of course it is understood that the title has a different target even though it discusses the topic of similarity.

2. Original Article from Self-Creativity (Original article without copying other people)

Furthermore, so that the page one article is to make the article as original as possible from one's own capabilities from existing knowledge and is supported by various references used.

The content of the article is an important point after the title that needs to be considered so that the article can occupy a good page on search engines.

Everyone has a different style and soul (spirit) in making articles. So dare yourself to show it to this wide world. In addition, we must realize that good, quality, and meaningful writing is writing that is made based on the power of love. Whether it's forbidden love, silent love, or natural love that you have to defend.

To think copy-pasting was bad, even if someone suggested it meant he had no compassion (respect) for others and a lack of intention in writing, it was probably just sheer ambition to achieve something he wanted.

Things like that still often happen to blogger users. Even though you should know that being a blogger means being brave enough to show your skills, your expertise in writing.

The more original posts you make, the faster search engines will read (index). Even if it's still being done, in the long run the website and articles will be more trusted and can compete on search pages quickly.

From now on or after reading this article, don't even think about stealing other people's articles anymore, just do what you can. You'd be better off if you were yourself. Remember it well.

There is a way to learn to write more easily, namely by reading more about the work of an author. Because it will affect the grammatical order of the language and improve speaking skills.

Many senior bloggers suggest that creating quality articles is like writing from personal experience, namely the type of writing that adds confidence to your/their experience so far.

Especially if the website wants to be quickly accepted by Google Adsense, you should make articles by selecting or targeting certain topics.

3. Correct grammar according to the rules

Furthermore, how to make articles on the top page is to learn to write according to the rules of writing according to the rules, both in Indonesian, English, and so on.

Whatever language is used in writing, everything must be with writing guidelines. For example, if you want to write an article in Indonesian, you must follow the guidelines for writing in GISG (General Indonesian Spelling Guidelines).

Meanwhile, if you use English, you must learn English grammar as a rule that describes the structure of expressions in English, including the structure of words, phrases, clauses and sentences.

Also some variations on the historical, social, cultural and regional English. Writing that is not in accordance with abilities such as English will be more difficult. Even though there are already several sophisticated tools to support, the lack of English skills will certainly be a new problem.

So in this case it is a choice for you, whether you want to write in the National language or Go International. Because I don't know how much ability and how confident you are in making articles for a website.

But a little specific advice for people who are new to the world of blogging is to write in a language that is easy for you to do.

For what purpose? When you become a writer, the main point is the sentence structure in each paragraph, which affects search engines because search engines prefer structured words.

4. Keyword Targeting

A further step so that the article is on page one is by Choosing the Right Keywords (Keyword Targeting). Apart from making the right title, in making a quality article it is necessary to do some keyword research that directly focuses on a target.

Like the articles he made intended only for Business, Investment, Technology, Automotive, Tourism, Gaming, and so on.

Making articles that are right on target, the first (1) and easiest way is that every time you create an article, think about whether the article that will be made is needed by people or whether people are looking for it or not.

The second is (2) making articles that are on target using various tools that can be used to do keyword research, and that will be quite helpful in the steps for making articles.

Some Tools That Can Be Used for Keyword Research

That's some ttools that you can use when creating articles with the right keyword selection and are also easy to use. Choose the one that will help you enough to make the article enter page one, especially Google, which is the most popular.

Especially for beginners, besides learning to place keywords in the articles they make, it will also be effective to apply what are called long tail keywords or long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords are keywords that are specific, detailed or small in volume, so the level of competition tends to be lower. This will be very helpful in search engines determining the SEO strength of a new website. And of course it will make it easier for articles to be on page one in search.

5. Attractive and Relevant Images

How important are relevant images in an article? arguably quite helpful in SEO articles. When writing about SEO articles, but the image used is instead a few skewers of chicken complete with fragrant white smoke. Does it look good and relevant?

Relevant images also have the ability to catch a glimpse of someone on the internet. So adjust a good image every time you make an article, OK?

Adding an image in each article post will help 10% to 30% to reach page one in search. The more complete what you present, including pictures, photos, and some supporting photos, the better the SEO of the article.

But ideally the pictures included in the article shouldn't be too much, especially between articles and pictures, instead there are more pictures, just 1, 2, 3 is enough. Unless the discussion is some kind of tutorial. Maybe can implement it.

The images that you post also cannot be just dirty from other sites, it is feared that these images or photos are copyrighted. Tantu it will have a bad impact on the blog that you manage. Images can use your own product or use free images that are free from copyright.

For free pictures you can get them on the site. Or you can also take it directly on Google with a screenshot and then edit it in Paint or Photoshop. And to make your blog good and trusted, also include a link where the image was taken.

6. Backlinks

The last way for articles to enter page one is to increase backlinks that point to the articles you make. This method can be done for free or paid.

But it's worth looking for alternatives without having to spend money. What's more, the website doesn't have many articles, too much focus on backlinks with money is a loss that could be a mistake that you don't realize right away.

Because the financial flow in and out of website income is not balanced. However, this is specifically for beginners, but for websites that are already big spending a lot of money to get lots of backlinks, it doesn't matter, it really needs to be done. Even without buying backlinks, well-known and trusted websites will bring a lot of backlinks by themselves.

How to build a good backink?

1. Internal Backlinks

Internal backlinks are links that lead from one page to another on the same website. This backlink aims to strengthen or boost SEO on the website independently.

Internal backlinks are one way to help search engine crawlers crawl the pages of a site.

Internal links are also the reason website visitors find other relevant information. Of course this will make visitors feel at home for long on a site. Internal links on a blog are an important part of improving website SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Another use is to increase the visibility of content on the website, the longer the website will definitely continue to add articles, some articles may sink in searches.

This is where the benefits of internal backlinks become an important part that must be applied to a website.

Example of Internal Backlinks, below.

Link: How to write SEO articles

2. External Backlinks

External backlinks are links that are attached to articles and lead to other or different websites. This backlink has the same function of strengthening or boosting SEO on the article page but with the help of other, better websites.

This method is also considered the most effective for making articles on the first page.

At this point, it needs to be emphasized again that good external backlinks are from websites that have high authority on search engines.

Too many backlinks from outside but not of good quality will also have a bad impact on a blog, which is called spam.

The way to get good or quality backlinks in an instant and fast way is to buy them. But of course for beginners who are just getting into the world of blogging ng, spending money at the learning stage is also a bad thing.

Another way you can try is by exchanging backlinks with fellow website users/bloggers, or with the concepts and tricks of making articles that are useful for many people so that the article is widely shared by readers either through social media or other people's websites so that the article gets good backlinks. and quality.

That's a discussion of how the website and its articles can be on page one or get top rankings on search engines, be it Google, Bing, and others.

Dodi Maulana
All Because of Allah Ta'ala

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