How to Get Lots of Subscribers on Youtube?

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Getting lots of subscribers on Youtube has many advantages, apart from your YouTube videos you will get lots of viewers faster, you will also get more income from every video you upload on Youtube.

This time iBionicTech will review 10 easy ways to get lots of subscribers on YouTube, sometimes YouTubers find it difficult to increase YouTube subscriber numbers, even if it's only 1000. And it's not uncommon for YouTubers to become discouraged after seeing other YouTubers who have more than 100,000 subscribers, feeling jealous and wanting to compete.

Maybe it's hard to imagine how it is possible that our YouTube channel can get hundreds of thousands of subscribers like other famous YouTubers.

But with consistency and following the right way to build a YouTube channel, the number of 100,000 subscribers is not impossible to achieve. Here are the ways:

10 Ways to Get Lots of Subscribers on Youtube

1 . Upload Useful Videos Regularly

This step is the most difficult and tough step for YouTubers. Just like managing a website, we are required to continue to provide useful new content on a regular basis. Then the question is "where can we get new inspiration to make new videos?"

Apart from uploading videos, of course you have to choose YouTube content that is currently in great demand.

Most Watched Types of Youtube Content

  • Video Game
  • Travelling
  • Talkshow
  • Vlog
  • Tutorial 
  • Question and Answer ( QnA )
  • Film Review

2 . Give a Name to the Video With a Specific Strategy

Giving a name to a video is also very difficult, the name on a YouTube video is the first thing that plays the most important role in the success of a video to get a lot of viewers. Even though it's difficult, you can use the classic method, which is to name the video with the help of the Youtube autocomplete search.

All the suggestion sentences that appear are search sentences that many people are looking for on Youtube, that way we can easily find out what videos people are most looking for.

3 . Create a Youtube Channel With an Attractive Design

The photos above are some of the YouTuber game channel header designs in Indonesia. With a unique and attractive design, people will easily remember and start liking a YouTube channel.

Each YouTube channel must have its own distinctive design, so start thinking about the design of your YouTube channel so that it can "hit" the hearts of your YouTube channel visitors.

4 . Use Custom Thumbnails

Usually every time we upload a video on YouTube, YouTube will automatically provide a Thumbnail for our video and sometimes the Thumbnail is not very interesting to look at.

To make our videos more attractive to YouTube visitors, use a custom thumbnail that is more attractive than the thumbnail automatically provided by YouTube.

For example, PewDiePie always uses cute Custom Thumbnails on every video he uploads to attract YouTube visitors.

5 . Take advantage of Annotations

Why Is My YouTube Video Not Watching?

Increasing the number of views on YouTube videos is not an easy matter. Especially if the video...

The picture above is an example of using annotations which have proven to be effective in getting the audience to want to engage.

You can use annotation with a link, with annotation link you can direct viewers to:

Go to a specific web page

Go to another video that you want to increase the number of viewers

Subscribe to your YouTube channel

and much more .

6 . Ask viewers to subscribe and like videos

As explained in point no 5, you can use annotations to ask viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Apart from annotations, you can ask viewers to subscribe or like your videos through the comments column or from within the video that you made yourself.

7 . Be yourself

As in the previous article on how to become a YouTuber, just be yourself. Because there are very few people who like plagiarism YouTube videos.

If you keep imitating other YouTubers, then you will get less quality or even no quality viewers and will not provide good profits for your YouTube channel in the long run.

The business of being a YouTuber is a business that you can only enjoy the results for a long time, so you have to invest in quality and original content if you want maximum results.

8 . Create a Unique and Interesting Video Trailer

The Youtube Channel Trailer Video is a video that has a duration that is not too long but is effective for conveying an introductory message between your YouTube channel and your friends.

The audience It can also be said that a video trailer from a YouTube channel is a summary of everything that your YouTube channel provides to viewers.

9 . Consistent

Be consistent with what you do, keep uploading quality videos and maintain the quality of every video that you will upload.

10 . Establish Communication With Audience

Reply to every comment written by the audience on every video that you upload, and don't forget to always ask them to subscribe, share and like the videos they watch from your YouTube channel.

And that was the 10 Ways to Easily Get Lots of Subscribers on Youtube, if you find it difficult and want to give up, always be enthusiastic and sure that the success of your YouTuber career will soon occur.

There is no instant success, so make light targets first like "this week I have to get 1000 new subscribers", because it took Pewdiepie years and uploading thousands of quality videos to be able to get as many as 43 million subscribers as it is today.

Dodi Maulana
All Because of Allah Ta'ala

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