How to Increase Blog Traffic in 1 Week

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What do you think if you get a traffic increase of 456.17%?


What do you think if you get that big increase with just 1 week of work?

That's what happened to my blog. And today, I share with you how I increase blog traffic. Best of all, this guide is free to read and share on social media.

Can you?

How is my blog traffic like?

My blog traffic increased 456.17% within 1 week.

What happened? Am I running around in Facebook groups screaming? Not. I'm tired of doing that. So, how do I increase my web traffic?

How to Increase Blog Traffic

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If you want to get traffic, you have to prepare a few things below.

Content that is close to visitors (see how to make it in this post).

share button.

backlinks? Not.

E-mail account to send e-mail and create social media accounts.

Alright let's get started.

1. Use Facebook

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Spread the blog link to several places on Facebook in an elegant way. Not using Facebook to bring visitors to your blog is a big mistake. Because until now, Facebook is the most widely used social network.

- Create Statuses

How to increase website traffic with Facebook

If you're posting on your Facebook profile, you'll need to adapt the content you share. Don't get the article wrong, no one clicks later. You also have to improvise by coming up with cool sentences that invite clicks. Don't just give links and snippets.

- Create Post on Facebook Group

Try to join Facebook groups that fit your blogging niche and post there. For example: You have a bird-themed blog.

How to increase blog visitors

You can search for bird groups on Facebook and then join those groups.

Do I have to join all of these groups?

Yes, you have to join all of those groups. After joining, analyze the state of the group. If the group is only used as a spam field, just leave.

When sharing content in groups, don't just rely on the words "BW + Comments" with a snippet containing the title, search description, and permalink. So that people who are already interested in discussing the content become even more interested in clicking.

Increase web traffic

Above is one example of how I share articles on Facebook. It's old school, but it can still be analyzed and improved even more.

- Create a Facebook Fanspage

Still not satisfied? You can create a fanspage to build your blog branding and traffic. How do you deal with a lonely fanspage? Yes, you have to invite friends who have the same hobbies as you to follow or at least like your fanspage.

Blog traffic increased because of Facebook

I recently also created a fanspage for my blog. Is the promotion method the same as the others?

How to increase website traffic

More or less the same as the previous point.

2. Use Twitter

How to increase website traffic

Spread tweets to increase traffic to your blog. Because Twitter is a text-based social media that is 140 characters long. There are 3 things that should not be forgotten in promotions on Twitter, namely:

Use short, concise, and clear words

Add the appropriate #hastag to the post

Add eye-catching images

These 3 things apply to all social media so that the CTR of the link can increase.

3. Use Instagram

Now, Instagram is a social media that must be taken into account and how much traffic can come from there. If you don't master Instagram soon, you will be left behind by your competitors.

But indeed, Instagram has a weakness. Instagram has only one weakness, it can't include live links. No problem. You can still get traffic from there in other ways

4. Take advantage of other social media on your gadget

The way to increase traffic that was first thought of was to share it with those closest to you. You can increase traffic by using WhatsApp, Line, Telegram, or TikTok. The important thing is you know the manners.

Tips from me:

If your blog is new and you want to build a reputation, do this too. Contact your friends to just take a look at your new blog, then get free traffic from your friends.

If you want more traffic. Find friends who are hits on social media and in the real world who meet at least the following criteria.

His name is always mentioned

Usually good looking

Wherever he went, someone would greet him

Has many followers on social media

Discussion with your friends, give him some benefits if it helps you spread your blog link. By inviting friends to collaborate, you can get traffic.

5. Join Online Forums

Join forums on the internet. The system is the same as yours take advantage of Facebook groups. You have to be smart about choosing a community so you can increase traffic and website impressions. Whenever you join a forum, follow the rules of that forum.

6. Buy Traffic with Ads

So, the seventh way to increase traffic can be sure to increase traffic quickly. You can use Google Ads, Bing Ads, Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads, and other paid advertising services.

But most of what happens to blogs that like to advertise is high traffic only for the lifetime of the ads posted. To increase my blog, which has 400% more traffic, it doesn't use ads and the blog has never been advertised.

7. E-mail Marketing

Many beginner bloggers ignore this one thing. Even though the impact of this one method is very jarring.

How do you do it bro?

It's easy, just create an e-mail to people who might like your content.


hello bro,

I'm Herbi from iBionicTech

I recently completed a content called [title].

The content contains [subject content discussion].

Or, you can send e-mails to the people you've mentioned in the content. When responded to with their social media posts, this will have a more jarring effect than sending an e-mail to your subscribers.

8. Use the Blog Directory

On the internet there are many sites like this available, you just need to search with the keywords, "blog directories" or "blog directories" or "blog directories" after that you can find many blog directory sites.

And, just register your blog on the blog directory site and then you get visitor traffic from there. You can read the blog directory guide for a full explanation.

9. Be a Guest Author

When you have extra free time and energy, you can create new content and send it to other people's blogs as a guest post.

By doing guest posts, you are not paid with money but with backlinks. So, look for blogs or sites that already have traffic and are in the same niche as your blog.

Bro, which blogs accept guest posts?

Wow, I don't know exactly which blogs accept guest posts.

But you can find it with search engines. The keyword is "guest post" or "guest writer". If not, you can contact the owner of the blog you are interested in requesting a guest post even if there is no word "guest post" on the blog.

Once you've found a suitable blog, send e-mails in a polite and professional manner. Furthermore, some blog owners don't feel comfortable when being mugged for their WhatsApp number.

10. Do SEO

Simply put, SEO is making our content/blog enter the first page. Learn SEO from now on so you don't need to be tired of promotions later (just once in a while) because SEO is a long term investment.

After all, traffic coming from Search Engines is more targeted than sharing articles on social media. Open the SEO learning guide to start learning SEO from scratch.

Bonus : 

Has your blog installed a share button? If not, install it immediately. Because the widget makes it easy for visitors to share your articles on the internet. Your job is only to encourage them to share.

The method? See the closing section of this blog. It's called Call-to-Action. Don't you understand, why do I recommend using this widget?

Can you?

You can do it. But you need some time. Calm. I'm not deceiving you by showing 456.17% at the beginning. You've seen it yourself, how do my blog traffic go up and down through the screenshot at the beginning?

If you want traffic, you have to do at least 10 of the above and bide your time to get your own number. What do you think? Would you like to share content on how to increase this website traffic to your social media?

Dodi Maulana
All Because of Allah Ta'ala

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