How to Overcome Low Value Content to Be Accepted by Google AdSense

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Getting rejected from Google AdSense is a natural thing if you are still a beginner in blogging. However, if your website has been running for months with a lot of content, you should be wary of the rejects and replies that Google AdSense gives you, because it means that there are some serious problems with your blog.

The Low Value Content error is one of the most common Google Adsense mistakes and it occurs when your site contains content that has little or no value to readers.

This kind of content can cause your ad placement to be less effective, resulting in lower revenue for you.

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  1. What is Low Value Content?
  2. How to Overcome Low Value Content to Pass Google AdSense

    • Pay attention to UX, from Display and Menu Navigation
    • Create High Quality Content
    • Connect the Blog with Google Search Console and Ensure Indexed Content
    • Choose a Niche and Avoid Copy Paste

What Are the Consequences of Publishing Low Value Content Articles?

What is Low Value Content?

In simple terms, Low Value Content is a type of content that does not provide any value to the reader. It can take many forms, such as articles that are poorly written, contain misinformation, or lack originality at all.

Google Adsense is a platform that allows publishers to monetize your blog or website by displaying ads.

The Low Value Content error is something that happens when Google AdSense refuses to accept your blog or if it suddenly stops showing ads on your site. This is because they think your content may be of low quality or spammy which could mislead or confuse readers.

Low Value Content can harm reader engagement because it may be difficult for them to find something of value in the article they are reading. This can cause a high bounce rate which will affect Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Low Value Content affects your Adsense earnings in several ways. It's not just the amount of money you earn from advertising but also the quality of your content, how it will affect your readers, and how it will affect your ranking on Google

Low Value Content is often overlooked by readers and doesn't have much search engine ranking power.

How to Overcome Low Value Content to Pass Google AdSense

How to deal with low value content on Google AdSense is easy, but there are several solutions to overcome it.

The most important step is to be honest with yourself and admit if there have been any violations in the blog and content creation process.

The next step is to explore from the technical side of the blog, about what needs to be fixed from the technical side of your blog.

So, here are some solutions to overcome Low Value Content:

1. Pay attention to UX, from Display and Menu Navigation

Menus such as categories and important pages should be easily accessible to readers. This is one of the elements to pay attention to which is referred to as the User Interface, often UX for short.

Regarding UX, there are a few things to note:

  • Site Performance, such as page load speed
  • The display on the phone is responsive and perfectly legible
  • Modern web design

Furthermore, during the review process by Google AdSense, you should avoid changing themes, logos, layouts and categories.

For the case that I experienced, after the appearance was repaired and not changed anymore, I immediately resubmitted and was approved.

2. Create High Quality Content

One way to overcome Low Value Content is, of course, by making something High Quality.

Well, create interesting content. What is meant by interesting content here is not from the visual appearance, and the style of language used. Although this is just as important.

Keywords are the key. As a search engine, Google wants search results that satisfy its readers, at least with an article that can answer readers' questions and wishes.

Therefore, it is necessary to do keyword research. You can use the tools below.

  • Google Trends
  • Semrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Ubersuggest

Google ranks pages on a combination of relevance to search terms and quality of content.

It assesses page quality by analyzing a number of factors, including:

  • Keyword usage How often the keyword from the search query appears on the page.
  • Length of your content. The longer your content, the better. Google usually prefers pages with at least 1000 words.
  • Formatting and organization.

Are your pages laid out in a logical way? Do you have varied titles, subtitles, sentence structures? Google will rank you higher if you think you have done a good job with this.

3. Connect the Blog with Google Search Console and Ensure Indexed Content

Have you written a lot of quality content but still get a Low Value Content warning? Maybe the problem is, you haven't connected your blog with Google Search Console.

The indexing process by Google bots does take time, especially if your blog is relatively new. Usually the index speed is still not stable.

For that you have to be patient first, continue creating content while waiting for the index.

The more content and consistently released, the better the chances.

4. Choose a Niche and Avoid Copy Paste

Plagiarism, duplication, and copy pasting are anathema activities that you should avoid and this is a sign of laziness.

Make sure you delete content that indicates plagiarism, before registering your blog with Google AdSense.

Actually there are no rules that require blog owners to discuss certain topics specifically. However, there are several advantages that you will get if you implement a niche blog.

A niche blog is a specific theme or topic for a blog. By choosing a blog niche, you need to create content on the same topic.

Using this niche will also keep you away from Low Value Content.

What Are the Consequences of Publishing Low Value Content Articles?

As a publisher, you must always maintain your content. Low quality content can have many consequences.

Low Value Content can lead to removal of your site from Google's index or if it happens, you won't be able to rank for any keywords or get any traffic from organic search.

Low quality articles can also cause other publishers not to want to partner with you in the future.

One way you can come across this kind of content is by reading your own articles and checking how you feel reading them. Does your writing bore you? If so, chances are your readers feel the same way.

There are various reasons why people publish Low Value Content to their sites, but one thing is for sure: this post has never helped anyone.

The worst thing about publishing low value content is that people will experience a high bounce rate because visitors will not be interested in your blog.

Dodi Maulana
All Because of Allah Ta'ala

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