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Blogging is one of the activities that many people are interested in when surfing the internet. The reason is, in addition to channeling hobbies, people can also make money through blogs. There are many types of blogs that you can find on the internet today.

Each blog has a topic of discussion that becomes a theme to attract visitors. Unfortunately, not all topics are of interest to visitors for a long time. However, there are also those who are able to consistently bring in visitors.

Still confused about choosing a topic for your blog? Do not worry! In the following, Dewaweb provides a list of the types of blogs that are frequently visited to make money. Check out the various blogs below!

What Blog Topics Are Most Visited?

1. Tutorials

The tutorial blog is one that many people visit. Tutorials are one of those topics that people will always need and the information will always be relevant — this type of content is known as evergreen content.

This type of tutorial blog has greater potential to get more traffic, depending on the topics discussed. Therefore, many companies create tutorial blogs on their websites. One example is the Dewaweb blog which is consistent in displaying tutorial articles about business, digital and internet marketing.


Maybe you often look for product reviews on the internet before buying something. Well, you can use this to inspire your blog topic. Today many people use the internet as a source of information, one of which is looking for product reviews. As a result, various articles related to product review topics became a flood of visitors.

You can start writing reviews of products that you have tried. To make it more interesting, try to write a detailed review and include a short photo or video of the product. Apart from product reviews, you can also write about movie reviews or other things that interest you.

3. Software and Websites

Software and websites can also be evergreen topics. The development of the internet world makes many people look for information that discusses technology and its applications. Therefore this topic often gets a lot of searches.

Blogs like this are usually filled with a list of products, such as "20 Free Blogger Templates", "10 Sites to Download Images", "7 Websites to Learn Web Programming", and others.

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4. Travel blogs

Often traveling out of town or even abroad? Your traveling hobby can also be used as a blog topic, you know! The popularity of travel blogs is quite large among the people. Tell about the experience of visiting a place in your own style.

You can also complete it with photos and videos while traveling. Your content will definitely look more attractive in the eyes of visitors. Like on the Lostpacker blog.

Types of blogs-Travel blogs Apart from travel stories, you can also provide useful information about traveling. Information on recommendations for interesting tourist attractions, or accommodations that make it easy for visitors can also be discussed. For example, 'Recommended 8 Attractions in Pangandaran' or 'List of 10 Instagramable Places in Bromo'.

5. Photography

For you fans of photography, this type of blog must be considered. The concept is quite simple, all you have to do is share the photos of your shots on the blog. Apart from showing off beautiful photographs, a blog can also be your own online portfolio!

You can also share discussions about cameras, lenses, or shooting tips. Blogs with specific topics like this can usually attract interaction within the same community.

Indeed, most photographers have now switched to Instagram as their online stall. But with your own blog, you will be more flexible in managing the appearance and layout of your best photos. In addition, you will also look more professional by having your own website.

6. Culinary

Culinary can also be the topic of choice in the blog. Culinary topics are known to have many enthusiasts, both in Indonesia and abroad. Provide information about culinary in the archipelago, types of cuisine or reviews of favorite restaurants that are frequently visited. Or if you also like to cook, you can share recipes that are your mainstay through culinary blogs.

Provide recommendations for places to eat that are hidden gems for visitors. Pour your culinary experiences into blog articles and don't forget to insert photos of your favorite food and culinary places you've visited.

7. Gardening

Gardening activities also seem to be a topic that is always hot among the public. The hobby of gardening is a favorite of many people, especially those living in urban areas. Many urban communities seek information about gardening matters from the internet. This could be a great opportunity for your blog.

There is much that can be discussed about gardening, from tips on caring for plants, tutorials from planting, to utilizing narrow land for gardening.

8. Music

Music has always been its own entertainment for the audience. Blogs about music can be an inspiration for interesting topics with niche hobbies. Although currently music bloggers are not as popular as other bloggers—such as food and travel bloggers—it is possible that their prestige will increase considering the current development of musicians in the country.

Share any information about music, your favorite musicians, playlists of songs you often listen to, song lyrics. Or even for those who like music, you can share the results of your own arrangements, covers and songs. A music blogger can create their own portfolio, they can produce work that is more objective without having to always rely on record labels.

9.Healthy Lifestyle

Now more and more people are aware of the importance of maintaining a lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle or a healthy lifestyle should be important for everyone who wants to live a disease free life.

If you are in the habit of maintaining healthy lifestyle habits, it's a good idea to share these with others. Through the blog, you can share tips so that your health is maintained.

There are many things that can be discussed about healthy living, such as tips for regular exercise, healthy food recipes, choosing foods with the right nutrition, maintaining body immunity, and maintaining mental health.

10. Fashion

This digital era is the right time for fashionistas to start blogging. Fashion blog is one type of blog that has many enthusiasts. You can share outfit inspiration for different styles and occasions. There are also quite a number of fashion experts who started their careers from a small fashion blog that they started themselves.

Blogs about fashion generally contain photos of outfits covered with reviews or lists of products used. Fashion bloggers usually pay attention to the aesthetics of the appearance of their blog and the quality of the photos they display. Examples of proud homeland fashion bloggers are Evita Nuh, Sonia Eryka, Ayla Dimitri and others.

11. Business

The digital era has opened opportunities for many people to start doing business. Topics about business and entrepreneurship are believed to always be in high demand. Tips on starting a business, developing personal finance, SME business, and also finding financial solutions are some of the many topics published on business blogs.

Blogs that cover business-related topics tend to have a lot of loyal readers. Even though their popularity is growing, blogs about business are usually written only by people or companies that have credibility in that field.

12. Games

Game is a topic that always has its own market, especially with the increasing number of devices that support gaming activities nowadays.

Whatever games are discussed, a game blog will always have enthusiasts — especially if you always follow the developments of each game, such as updates, events, or other promotions.

In general, game blogs discuss various games that are currently hits, news about gaming, tips on playing games or reviews of trending game consoles. If you feel you have a strong interest in gaming, you should consider this type of blog as a side activity.

13. Technology

In general, technology blogs that discuss everyday electronic devices such as cellphones, laptops, cameras, and so on will attract more readers because the topics are relevant. You can see an example of this in The Verge.

Tech blog-The verge

But you can also start a blog that talks about one particular type of technology like keyboards, cameras, solar panels, or any other category of technology that interests you.

The rapid and rapid development of technology is often not matched by public knowledge about how it works. Therefore, you can help increase the level of technology literacy in Indonesia by creating a blog that discusses new gadgets.

14. DIY (Do It Yourself)

If you like to be creative in doing crafts, then there's nothing wrong with sharing this information through a blog, right?

Do-It-Yourself blogs are a type of blog that talk about creative and unique ways to do things yourself to avoid buying a product or service. Besides being good for creativity, making creations like this feels much more fun than buying finished goods.

Blogs with a DIY theme have a wide variety of content, even relatively unlimited. Starting from furniture, beauty, functional goods, toys to food. By publishing handicrafts on your blog, you also have the opportunity to get potential buyers who enjoy your work.

Types of blogs-DIY Blog

One DIY blog that can be an example is Fallfordiy which discusses various unique handicrafts that you can make You can make it yourself at home, from bamboo blinds to notebooks.

15. Blog Listicle / List

If you are still confused about which topic to choose, a blog with a listicle topic can be an option. This type of blog that is frequently visited usually contains lists on various themes, such as lists of product recommendations, collections of facts, interesting information, and others, as you can see on the Listverse blog.

You can discuss anything in it, from technology, movies, places, inventions, to interesting facts. Blogs of this type provide extensive and interesting information for visitors. You can use this to share useful things.

So, there are several types of blogs that have the potential to make money. These topics can be your inspiration in starting a blog. Choose what suits your interests and hobbies so that you are even more enthusiastic about developing it.

If done diligently, surely your blog can slowly make money. Dewaweb also has various tips that you can use so you can achieve success online, you know! You can check one of them in the following video tutorial on How to Make Money through a Blog:

How, have you got topic inspiration for the blog? Which topic is your choice? You can start creating a blog by choosing a homemade domain name and using the best web hosting, so that your blog is always safe, smooth and fast when visitors access it. Let's start blogging now!

Dodi Maulana
All Because of Allah Ta'ala

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