What Should I Write on a Blog? Best Answer

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You have a burning passion for writing. You know that a blog is one way of writing. You want to practice blogging and publishing as consistently as possible.

But every time you put your butt down and face Ms.Words white paper, you are like a frog hit by a drought because you often ask: What should I write today?

Two or three times, when you push yourself, you get through it. But you realize that something is wrong. You don't feel like you should go on like this.

Dark writing activities like twenty-seventh night. On the one hand, you want to write regularly.

Don't worry, it's a normal problem. It's your lucky day. I will give you writing tips so you know what to write every day. And hopefully it can change you to be even more productive.

Start by Sharing Personal Experiences

Maybe you've been jealous of seeing other bloggers write opinions or do tutorials. But if you're still a beginner, it's best to start by writing down personal experiences.

Apart from being easier, you have a wealth of life experience as a well of ideas that cannot possibly run dry. You have to make use of it.

In fact, many bloggers are consistent only by writing personal experiences. I am also one of those who regularly write personal experiences. And if it works well for a lot of bloggers, it should work for you too.

You can access Easy Ways to Write Personal Experiences to do it in the simplest way possible.

Want to Grow: Create Multiple Categories

Writing on the same theme over and over can lead to boredom. It is very necessary to make the blog more colorful with several topics or categories.

In defining categories, choose the topics you like the most or the topics you have an interest in.

This will make you able to become a prolific blogger. Especially if you have broad insight and in-depth knowledge of these topics.

There's no need to be afraid, basically everyone has a lot of interest in various topics. That's the secret of how I am able to write every day.

Because I write according to my interests and insights. Starting from Copywriting to silly thoughts.

Start by asking the following questions to find areas that interest you:

  • What are my hobbies?
  • What do I often talk about with friends, family, or my wife/husband?
  • What do other people often ask me?
  • What shows do I watch often? Movies, sports, music, etc.
  • What things do I often think about when I have free time?
  • What topics am I studying or want to study?
  • What genre of books do I often read?
  • What kind of articles do I look for and read the most?

Knowledge Sharing

Writing to share knowledge is an amazing job. We help other people learn something or do something, while at the same time perfecting our knowledge by remembering what we know, then perfecting it through various references when reviewing it.

Isn't it better to go to the river while bathing?

You don't have to be an expert. Starting from trivial science that you have proven successful in doing so that your audience believes in what you are saying. After all, you can continue to develop this knowledge by continuing to learn from people who are more skilled.

When I started in the blogging tips and writing tips categories, my knowledge was minimal and I didn't have much experience. But I continue to learn and practice so that now I can share a lot of knowledge about these two topics.

Do not be ashamed if you are still a nobody. Over time, you will become more expert than anyone else. After all, what is a stove as big as incense for if you don't burn it?

Read Often

If you want to keep writing, then the logical consequence is that you have to be ready to read.

From reading you will learn new vocabulary, how to present writing, to other people's knowledge and experience that you can use to make good writing.

No writer can be productive without reading. Writers must read. And you should also do it regularly.

Resources That Can Help You

Actually, I am one of those writers whose ideology is that there are no bad ideas, there are only bad writers.

That means, I'm not too picky when it comes to ideas.

But if you still don't have the confidence as a writer and depend entirely on writing ideas, the following posts will really help you answer what should I write:

  • Never Run Out of Ideas This Way!
  • How to Find Brilliant Writing Ideas
  • 9 Ways to Find and Get Inspiration to Write
  • Confused What to Write?

Final Section

Everyone probably wants to be a better writer. If no one is willing, fine they . So, it all depends on your determination and effort.

I have provided the best answer for those of you who often ask yourself, what should I write?. Now there is no reason to delay writing or not writing.

If it is smooth like water on a taro leaf and you don't pay attention to what you have read; still reasoned, perhaps even the legendary author would not be able to clue you in.

So, what have you written today? Share in the comment box.

Dodi Maulana
All Because of Allah Ta'ala

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