Why are new articles not indexed by Google?

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For a blogger or article creator, you must have experienced a situation where the article you made did not appear on the Google search engine or your article appeared, but suddenly disappeared in the search results.

Especially for those who are creating a blog or website for the first time, it must be very difficult for your articles to be indexed by Google. Actually there are several ways for new blogs to be easily indexed by Google.

How to Accelerate Blog indexed by Google

  • Create a Sitemap for the blog
  • Register your blog to search engines
  • Submit site maps

That is the first step for novice bloggers to speed up the process of indexing articles so that the articles you write appear on Google.

If your article appears on Google or your URL is on Google, let alone being able to get the first page, of course it will affect your blog visitors.

But if you have struggled to write articles but your articles do not appear on Google. You just work without getting paid. Very annoying isn't it??

Well, it can be said that this is very detrimental for bloggers because you will lose traffic on the article and you will only waste time creating articles that are not indexed on Google.

What you need to know is that the most popular search engine around the world today is Google with a percentage of 98% and for 2% it is another search engine like Bing. So, if the articles you make don't appear on Google's SERP, you will lose the opportunity to get large traffic.

For those of you who want to check articles to find out whether they appear in Google search results or not by adding your writing to site: in front of the URL of the article.

So, for those of you who want to know what causes your articles not to appear on Google. You can listen carefully to the discussion about the reasons why articles don't appear in Goggle search results or Google's deindex.

But, before discussing what causes why articles can't appear on Google. You have to understand first what Google Deindex is.

Deindex Google means a condition where an article that you make is not indexed by Google and makes the article not appear on Google's SERP. This can be said if the article you made appears in the SERP but suddenly disappears in the future.

If you let this go on and on without you knowing the cause of the problem, then your website will slowly lose quite a lot of traffic and that will make you lose money in business development.

Articles that don't appear in Google search results can also be caused by several factors. The main cause may be that your website or article is not suitable or violates Google's rules. For example, you copy past articles from other websites.

In more detail, let's take a peek at some of the reasons why the article or blog that you created doesn't appear in Google search results.

Following are the factors that cause blogs not to be indexed

  • Content Contains Copy Paste
  • The blog is still new
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Seo Article Lose competitiveness with old blogs

Based on my experience in the world of bloggers? The four points above greatly affect your article being indexed by Google.

The following is an explanation of why the blog is not indexed

1. Content Contains Copy Paste (Plagiarism)

What you should know is that there are 2 types of copy-paste content, the first is pasty copying content from your own website and the second is copy-pasting content from other people's websites. For check you can visit smalseotools.com

For the first one, you create articles on the website with the contents of articles that have been made before or are the same as the others. This one consistency is usually found when you update the contents of an article using a new URL. Google will not allow 2 different URLs for the same article content.

And secondly, by copying and pasting the entire contents of the article from another website and then publishing it to your own website. Of course this is not allowed and Google will strictly prohibit it. Google can find out and also detect and at the same time be able to distinguish which articles are self-written, which article content is plagiarized or copy-pasted from other websites.

2. Blog is still new

This can happen, if your article or blog is still new, because some new articles or blogs are still unable to compete with old blogs that have been on Google for a long time and it is still very difficult for new articles or blogs to appear on the first page of Google. Let alone on the first page, even in search engines it is also not indexed. Don't be surprised, if someone says, that it takes several days or weeks to be able to create articles or blogs that can be indexed on the Google search engine. However, some posts are usually able to get into the index even though it takes a long time. And one important thing, you have to make sure if it's written and the google index process runs naturally, without any coercion.

3. Keyword Stuffing (keyword stuffing)

Before you know what keyword stuffing is, keyword stuffing is an SEO technique that isn't used anymore, why? Because the way keyword stuffing works violates Google's rules. You only write articles with a word count of 400 to 500, then you enter keywords in an exaggerated way or are said to be abnormal with what you hope to rank on the first page of those keyword searches.

Articles that are entered into keywords that have more numbers and no variations can cause rankings to drop to the lowest position or most likely your article will not appear in the Google search engine or deindex.

4. Article SEO

Another reason why your posts don't appear on Google and on search pages is because the articles or blogs that you create are not as great as the articles on other people's blogs. So it can't be indexed and your articles will be underdeveloped.

If you are competing with the same topic or title, you must know about SEO because to discuss topics it is not certain that more than one person wrote. So, the more people who write articles on topics that readers are after means more competitors.

If competitors are better at using SEO techniques, this means that the position is at the front of the search engine. Then, how can we compete with our block competitors? Well, you can involve SEO techniques so that you also have the opportunity to be in the front position on the Google page. Then do the optimization well and potluck.

Dodi Maulana
All Because of Allah Ta'ala

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