10 Web Design Examples to Find Inspiration

Are you looking for inspiration for web design examples? Don't go anywhere, because you are in the right article. Here, we present a list of some of the best website designs for inspiration for your next website project.

1. Hostinger Web Builder

2. siteInspire

3. Awwwards

4. TemplateMonster

5. Best Website Galleries

6. Portfolio Agency Website

7. CSS Nectar

8. GoodUI


10. Behance

What Factors Make a Good Web Design?

  • Prioritize Mobile Users
  • Create Simple and Neat Designs
  • Make Your Website Easy to Read
  • Make Your Website Easy to Navigate
  • Consistent with Your Design

1. Hostinger Web Builder

If you're looking for beautiful and intuitive templates, Hostinger's website builder is the answer. There are many website design templates available with a neat and modern appearance, and we guarantee that your website will look professional as well as attractive.

Roll your cursor over the various template options and preview the website design that catches your eye. Also, if you find a template that you like, you can immediately use it for free. The intuitive drag-and-drop feature allows anyone to easily edit the template to their liking.

Here are the reasons why Hostinger is the best source for web design inspiration:

  • Wide selection of themes – there are a variety of themes suitable for personal blogs or eCommerce.
  • Responsive design – websites built with Hostinger web builder will look great on a variety of devices.
  • Minimalistic approach – if you want a website design that has multiple uses, go for a clean layout.

Whether your goals are simply looking for website design inspiration or looking for a reliable web builder, Hostinger can be the right place.

2. siteInspire

siteInspire is a gallery of web design examples. This site hosts more than 7,000 sites, so you can find new and useful ideas for all kinds of website projects.

The range of website theme variations from this gallery is also diverse – from websites for children, photography portfolios, to news platforms. The design curation team also prioritizes simple and elegant designs over quirky designs.

siteInspire is so easy to operate and this website also has useful features for several things such as:

  • Multiple filters available — define your search by style, type, subject, and platform altogether.
  • Register an account for membership — register your account and choose the design you like best. You can also get weekly emails about the latest showcases.
  • Creators directory — find other work made by devleopers, designers, and studios besides the projects you love.

In essence, if you want to look for a web design display that results are so real, make your choice to siteInspire.

3. Awwwards

If you are looking for a website that has a variety of interesting web design examples, try visiting Awwwards. It is a platform that rewards well-developed and well-designed sites.

Here, you will find a catalog of various projects that have been reviewed by renowned web design activists and experts. All websites are assessed based on their design, usability, creativity, and content. You too, as a visitor, can learn what makes a website rated as the best website and implement the elements used by the best websites into your own website design.

Not to forget, Awards also has:

  • Curated collections — this feature is useful if you want to find the best function of a particular design element.
  • Extensive filter options — the tagging system allows you to find sites with specific features, such as micro-interactions or large background images.
  • Informative blog — find resources on web design trends and best practices.

4. TemplateMonster

Template Monster as inspiration for web design examples

Theme market is the best place to find website design inspiration. If you have a budget and find a theme that appeals to you, you can buy the theme right away.

Plus, theme developers usually apply the best design knowledge when creating their products.. That way, non-technical users can modify and use the template easily without having to deal with the overall theme structure.

While most of the premade themes feel basic, TemplateMonster offers a wide selection of themes and categories to choose from. With more than 32,000 templates available, you will hardly run out of web design examples for website design inspiration.

Here are some of TemplateMonster's best features:

  • Demo live template — this tool is a great tool for giving ideas on how to better organize your content.
  • Detailed filters — narrow your search by using a detailed filtering system, such as sorting by type of platform, features, and popularity. For example, this filter includes themes with hotel bookings or right-to-left language support.

5. Best Website Galleries

Initially, Best Website Gallery was a personal side project owned by David Hellmann, but it has since become one of the greatest sources for finding web design inspiration.

This site contains more than 200 website pages, and you can browse themes easily by using the filter system that this gallery has.

When visiting Best Website Gallery, you will find:

  • High-resolution screenshots — if you don't want to spend time visiting the websites yourself, the platform's galleries provide high-quality images of web pages.
  • Detailed tags — browse sites that share the same colors, styles, frameworks, and services.
  • Link archive — this gallery also features various online development and design resources.

6. Portfolio Agency Website

If you need a website display idea that looks professional, you can refer to the portfolio agency website. You can see how experts in this field deal with the challenges of designing websites and learning about them at the same time. This site is also a great resource for checking out some of the latest web design trends.

In addition, these portfolios are very pleasing to the eye, so you can refer to the portfolios on this site for inspiration in designing websites.

Are you looking for a portfolio that has high-quality screenshots as well as behind-the-scenes explanations? Here are some good websites for reference:

  • Bonfire Red — a US-based agency that has worked with small businesses and large corporations such as Aston Martin.
  • Toy Fight — enjoy bold, award-winning web design from this digital agency from the UK.
  • Big Drop Inc. — this global web design firm has an extensive portfolio of work with impressive clients, including Samsung and the United Nations.

7. CSS Nectar

CSS Nectar is another great catalog for finding great looking sites. Here, you can find:.

  • High-quality website — the reviewer team checks every project submitted before approving it. Participants also need to pay a certain amount of money to have their work evaluated.
  • Filters that make it easy to search — define your search by industry or site category, design features, color, and country.

If you like this website, you can subscribe through their mailing list to get the latest information about their superior works as a reference for web design examples.

8. GoodUI

For those who want to optimize their website design to increase conversions, GoodUI can be the next destination. GoodUI has a variety of features to optimize any web page, including:

  • Free design ideas — the homepage provides a long list of ideas that you can test on your own website.
  • Interesting blog — see how companies like Amazon and Netflix A/B test their sites, and more.
  • UI practical examples — find patterns to apply to landing pages, shopping carts, forms, CTA buttons, and more.

To take full advantage of GoodUI, consider becoming a premium member to access UI experiment results. Or, you can register an account with BetterUI so that your site gets a review from the team who will assess the website and provide input to improve the appearance of the website.


As a visual resource center, Pinterest is a great platform to find inspiration, tips, and tutorials on website design examples. Here you can:

  • Create pinboards — pinboards serve to collect all your website design references. You can also follow other users' public boards to save ideas.
  • Using multiple keywords — find the exact theme you want using the search bar.
  • Find ready-to-buy templates — You can find premium themes that you can buy if you're on a budget and need a quick design option.

10. Behance

Behance is a media network for designers, artists and other creative individuals who want to showcase their creations. However, you can use it to find web design examples even if you don't work in the creative industry.

Following are the reasons that make Behance the best platform to get web design ideas:

  • A large community — you can follow web designers who create work you love and connect with them. Using the Best of Behance page also allows you to find projects that Behance curators appreciate the most.
  • Mood boards — this feature allows you to add and organize works according to your criteria.
  • Detailed filtering and sorting options — narrow your search by predominant color and the tool used to create the website. You can also sort by city, country, and time period.

What Factors Make a Good Web Design?

The key to good website design is a slick user experience. A website doesn't just look good, it also has to be functional and make it easy for visitors to navigate your content and pages.

Therefore, here we present some things you need to do when designing a website:

Prioritize Mobile Users

As mobile device users control internet traffic, you should prioritize responsive website designs for mobile devices. In addition, Google also states that the level of responsiveness is the biggest factor in indexing website rankings.

Designs that are not mobile-responsive can have a negative impact on site search rankings. Later, this will affect the conversion rate, sales and other goals that you have planned from the start.

Here are some ways to improve the mobile user experience:

  • Choose a responsive theme — so web pages can easily adapt to any screen size, large or small.
  • Choose a single-page layout — it's optimized for scrolling activity. The single-page layout is the most comfortable solution for navigating through web content on smaller devices.
  • Make the buttons clear — they should be large enough to be identified and clicked by a finger.

Create Simple and Neat Designs

Visitors will find it easier to view your website content when the elements on the site's pages are not only well designed, but also arranged with precision too. Plus, a simple and neat website can load faster and is compatible with mobile devices.

Follow these tips if you want to simplify the appearance of the website design:

  • Show only the important elements — only show the most important elements – unimportant decorations can make the page feel congested and distract the user from the main information.
  • Make room for whitespace — ensure that all displayed content isn't too close together, leaving room for clarity.

Make Your Website Easy to Read

Most internet users only scan content, rather than reading the content as a whole. To adapt to these circumstances, your website design must make it easier for visitors to get information quickly. In addition, the text elements must be able to immediately grab the attention of visitors.

One way is to improve the display quality of the website so that the content is easy to read. This step can be done with a typographical hierarchy. The idea is to organize text content based on the importance of a context. This way, the most important info gets the most attention.

To apply a typographical hierarchy, you need to divide content into the following categories:

  • Main headline — the main headline should represent the key points of your content, just like a business slogan. Headlines should be large and placed at the top.
  • Subheadline — points that support the main headline. They should be in a slightly smaller font size. They are also used to mark page sections.
  • Paragraphs — paragraphs should contain brief information from the subheadline. Writing is concise and typed in a legible font.

In addition, using high-contrast colors to underline important information can direct visitors' eyes to focus on the highlighted topic.

Make Your Website Easy to Navigate

Site navigation can also determine how easy it is to find information from the user's side. With a good navigation structure, visitors can find buttons that need to be clicked to reach certain sections.

On the other hand, bad navigation will overwhelm users and leave your website as soon as possible. In the long term, this can have impacts such as reducing conversion rates, sales, registering new accounts, and so on.

These are some tips you can try to optimize site navigation:

  • Create a familiar navigation menu — a common design such as a horizontal menu bar can make it easier for users to visit your website.
  • Make links and buttons descriptive — clearly showing what visitors will find when they land on a particular page.
  • Consider applying the three-click rule — ideally, all pages and information should be accessible within three clicks from the homepage.

Consistent with Your Design

Consistency with your website design is important. Don't let users feel like they are accessing a different website every time they visit a new page.

What's more, elements that repeat on each page can make your website or brand more memorable.

Therefore, try to be consistent with a color palette consisting of one dominant color and two complementary colors.

The dominant color is the color that shows the identity of your website or brand, while the companion color will complement it. You can use a tool like Paletton to find the right color combination.

Also, don't include multiple themes on one website. Not only is it a pain to implement a theme, but it can also be confusing for your site visitors.


Creating a beautiful website doesn't have to be a difficult task. As shown in this article, there are many platforms that can provide you with many web design examples.

To recap, here are some of the best resources to find inspiration for your website design:

  • Hostinger Web Builder – find beautiful and intuitive templates that you can use for free.
  • siteInspire – browse this gallery for clean and simple website designs.
  • Awwwards – discover some award-winning and impressive web designs chosen by professionals.
  • TemplateMonster – get inspired by this extensive collection of marketplace templates.
  • Best Website Gallery – a platform where you can find not only web design inspiration but also online development and design resources.
  • Agency portfolio websites – sites like Bonfire Red or Toy Fight can provide professional-looking web design inspiration.
  • CSS Nectar – find high-quality websites and use the gallery filtering options to narrow your search.
  • GoodUI – an excellent resource where you can learn how to optimize your website design for conversion rates.
  • Pinterest – a platform where you can create pinboards to collect resources, tips and tutorials.
  • Behance – join this massive design community to create your own inspirational mood board and compete with web designers you like.

Now that you know where to find website design inspiration, it's time to get creative

Dodi Maulana
All Because of Allah Ta'ala

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