How can you fix “Ads Not Shown” in AdSense ?

This time, 5garea will offer an AdSense tutorial on how to manage AdSense ads that don't appear on certain article pages. This method is quite simple, especially by enabling the robot.txt file in Blogger settings.

How to Fix Adsense Ads Not Showing on Blogger 

Why are AdSense ads not showing or only AdSense ads showing on some pages? One of the factors preventing AdSense ads from appearing on certain pages is that a friend recently enabled Google's HTTPS feature for personal domains on their blog.

Ads unit not displayed

As I shared in this article, HTTPS can be enabled on the blog. with a custom domain.

Yes, regarding the change or migration of blogs from HTTP to HTTPS, it seems that a process also affects the loss of ads for ads that haven't been used before. . Indeed, the type of URL protocol is not the same, the type without encryption (HTTP), while the others use an encryption system (HTTPS). This makes the system confused to read 2 different protocols on the blog page.

But don't worry, that's taken care of by Google, which already supports ad units that use HTTP or HTTPS. If this is supported, why are ads still not appearing on some blog pages? To resolve this, follow the steps below.

How to Fix Adsense Not Appearing

By default (before enabling), the robots.txt file format is as follows

Here, only customize (developers) so that ads can appear on all blog pages.

First open Blogger

> click on the Settings menu

> Click Search Preferences (Search Preferences)

> Search in custom robot.txt file....

Then fill in the blank form with this format

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

Allow : /


User-agent: *

Disallow: /search

Allow : /


Change >> to be your blog's domain name

Then click Save changes and complete the button. This way errors are indexed but also blocked by robots.txt in the search console.

100% Way or Method Adsense Works Approved but Ads are not Displayed

Once you have implemented your custom robot.txt file you should also remove THIS AdSense JS as ALL YOUR CODE following:....

<script async src="//"></script>


✓ Go to address

✓ click on Theme Options

✓ EDIT / HTML >> press ctrl + f >> then enter and search for the </body> tag.

✓This script code, apply it before the </body> code

<script type='text/javascript'>


(function() { var ad = document.createElement('script'); ad.type = 'text/javascript'; ad.async = true; ad.src = ' js/adsbygoogle.js'; var sc = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; sc.parentNode.insertBefore(ad, sc); })();




AdSense ads don't immediately follow the method above. They all need a process. All you have to do is wait until Google entertains blogs with the new robot.txt format. This is how 5garea explains how you can deal with AdSense ads not showing. I hope I was useful and thank you.

The final word

Thank you friends for visiting 5garea and for reading the article How to Fix Adsense Ads Not Showing on Blogger. Please keep visiting this site for more new articles and information. Until then goodbye. Have a beautiful and pleasant day.

Dodi Maulana
All Because of Allah Ta'ala
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