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Konten Youtube CPM Tertinggi 2023 dan CPC

Konten Youtube Dengan Cpm Tertinggi dan Cara meningkatkan Cpm YouTube 2023 Kalian binggung apa aja sih yang di lakukan setelah monetisasi Youtube ?? Yups kalian pasti bertanya-tanya. Apalagi kalian yang baru saja menjadi program partner YouTube. Pasti kalian ingin memaksimalkan pendapatkan kalian di setiap konten kalian.   Di artikel kali ini saya akan menjelaskan tentang konten apa saja yang mempunyai bayaran mahal di adsense. Seperti yang kita tahu bahwa google adsense merupakan sebuah perusahan pengiklan yang sangat menguntungkan bagi kita baik sebagai publisher maupun adverstiser. Sebelum melangkah ke topik pembahasan Konten Youtube dengan CPM Tertinggi di tahun 2023. Yups disini mimin kan menjelaskan sedikit perbedaan CPM dan CPC, jadi kalian jangan salah yah. Pengertian CPM Youtube dan CPC Youtube  1. Pengertian CPM YouTube CPM merupakan pengukuran untuk hasil yang di berikan kepada publisher per 1000 tayang iklan, jadi semisal kalian di salah satu video youtube kalian mempunyai

Why India Blocks TikTok, See the Explanation?

 India Blocks TikTok, These Two Local Startups Get 'Profit'  India blocks dozens of Chinese apps, including TikTok.  TikTok's competitors have promised not to accept Chinese funding, and some of them are making "profits."  The short video application TikTok is one of 59 applications from China that were blocked by the Indian government in 2020. This provides an advantage for local startups, such as ShareChat and Verse Innovation.  According to consulting firm RedSeer, after TikTok left the Chinese market, applications made by local startups such as Moj from ShareChat and Josh from Verse Innovation recorded more than 200 million monthly active users or Monthly Active Users (MAU).  The local player also has more than four times as many content creators as TikTok did in India before leaving.  "The rise of this local platform is a big jump. This platform is becoming widely consumed by suburban and rural users," he was quoted as saying by Inc42, last week (30

Keywords and Countries with the Highest CPC 2023

Highest Cpc Keyword Highest CPC Keyword - The Latest Highest Google Adsense Cpc Country in 2023 along with complete keywords or the highest keywords.  Google Adsense is a giant Google company that provides advertising cooperation services with publishers. From year to year the number of Google Adsense publishers continues to increase significantly with the increase in advertisers who use AdWords services.  By using the CPC (Cost Per Click) system, Google also sets the price per click of each ad also varies. This is certainly based on many factors that can affect the CPC value of an ad is different, among others, because the territory of the country and based on the keywords or keywords used.  Keyword CPC Adsense Highest 2023  Keyword is one of the most important things in the world of blogging, or often known as keywords by publishers, usually used to find the desired information to make it easier to find.  But many publishers do not learn about CPC keywords. CPC stands for Cost Per

Does TikTok make money like YouTube, see!

Does TikTok make money?  The same question is certainly common you get as a loyal user of the TikTok application. Because, TikTok has indeed become one of the most popular social video platforms and is known as the best money producer.  Because there are indeed various ways you can do to get income from the TikTok application. Curious, how to get money on TikTok? Check out the following reviews to find out some tips for getting money easily just by playing tiktok.  Contents Show  5 Ways to Get Money in TikTok  In this review, will share 5 ways to get money on tiktok. Some of these methods might answer some questions whether TikTok makes money or vice versa. Here are some ways to get money by playing tiktok.   1. Share Interesting Video Content  The first way, you can have the opportunity to get money by creating video content on TikTok. You need to know, TikTok has several programs that video creators can follow. By creating content consistently, you can increase traffic con

Auto Generated Content (AGC): Copy Paste Blog Practice

Auto Generated Content (AGC): Copypaste Blog Practices and How to Solve this Problem What is this Auto Generated Content or AGC? We will examine it in this article. While idly checking keywords that generate high traffic to a popular article on this Kearipan blog, in the Google search results I found another blog article with the exact same title. After opening, every word is my writing, even the pictures are the same. That's not all, apparently I found another article on this blog that copied 100% of my post. My post, which was just published a few minutes earlier, is directly on this copas artisan's blog. Finally I surfed to find out about this practice and found that this is an example of a strategy, tactic, and technique called AGC or Auto Generated Content. What is Auto Generated Content? Auto Generated Content (AGC) is content that is generated automatically via scripts, machines or tools. Mostly by manipulating the API or RSS feeds provided by search engines or other blo

How to Overcome Low Value Content Adsense & Its Causes

Tutorial How to Overcome Low Value Content Adsense & Its Causes 5G area - As a blogger, you may already be familiar with google adsense ads, maybe for those of you who just know that a blogger can also make money by serving adsense ads, maybe this is an interesting thing, isn't it and will make you happy? more excited to write. However, when you start submitting to register your blog or website to google adsense, after submitting you want to join then you get a rejection that you are not accepted or rejected by google adsense on the grounds of Low Value Content, for those of you who are hearing the reasons for this rejection for the first time, it feels very confusing. Reasons for Rejected Adsense With Low Value Content Reasons Before we discuss how to deal with Adsense rejection on the grounds of Low Value Content , maybe we need to discuss what caused your blog to be rejected for that reason. Several Factors Cause Low Value Content Or Low Value Content: The number of indexe

How to Google Page One Articles

How to write articles and get in the top 3 on Google, Bing, Yandex and Articles about promoting the site with articles quickly became popular and took third place in the Yandex search results in two days. In four days, he took second place in the best article of the year in the SEO category on Within seven days, the article reached the second line of Google. I want to share my algorithm for writing articles, maybe it will help strengthen your text on websites or blogs. Work plan for writing and publishing articles Destination setting. Site selection for placement. Article topic . Competition assessment. Reader portrait. Article draft . Editing . Post work. Correction . How to write articles on the site . The reader's reaction to the article. Processing comments . Results in seven days. Components of a successful publication. Copywriting Book. 1. Destination setting. Like any project, article writing should start with a purpose. Why do we even write? Maybe one, maybe se