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Konten Youtube CPM Tertinggi 2023 dan CPC

Konten Youtube Dengan Cpm Tertinggi dan Cara meningkatkan Cpm YouTube 2023 Kalian binggung apa aja sih yang di lakukan setelah monetisasi Youtube ?? Yups kalian pasti bertanya-tanya. Apalagi kalian yang baru saja menjadi program partner YouTube. Pasti kalian ingin memaksimalkan pendapatkan kalian di setiap konten kalian.   Di artikel kali ini saya akan menjelaskan tentang konten apa saja yang mempunyai bayaran mahal di adsense. Seperti yang kita tahu bahwa google adsense merupakan sebuah perusahan pengiklan yang sangat menguntungkan bagi kita baik sebagai publisher maupun adverstiser. Sebelum melangkah ke topik pembahasan Konten Youtube dengan CPM Tertinggi di tahun 2023. Yups disini mimin kan menjelaskan sedikit perbedaan CPM dan CPC, jadi kalian jangan salah yah. Pengertian CPM Youtube dan CPC Youtube  1. Pengertian CPM YouTube CPM merupakan pengukuran untuk hasil yang di berikan kepada publisher per 1000 tayang iklan, jadi semisal kalian di salah satu video youtube kalian mempunyai

Why India Blocks TikTok, See the Explanation?

 India Blocks TikTok, These Two Local Startups Get 'Profit'  India blocks dozens of Chinese apps, including TikTok.  TikTok's competitors have promised not to accept Chinese funding, and some of them are making "profits."  The short video application TikTok is one of 59 applications from China that were blocked by the Indian government in 2020. This provides an advantage for local startups, such as ShareChat and Verse Innovation.  According to consulting firm RedSeer, after TikTok left the Chinese market, applications made by local startups such as Moj from ShareChat and Josh from Verse Innovation recorded more than 200 million monthly active users or Monthly Active Users (MAU).  The local player also has more than four times as many content creators as TikTok did in India before leaving.  "The rise of this local platform is a big jump. This platform is becoming widely consumed by suburban and rural users," he was quoted as saying by Inc42, last week (30

How to Flash Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

 How to Flash Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G 100% Done Attention!! Before flashing the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G SM- S908U1 make sure you follow the tutorial below precisely and precisely. We aren't responsible for any damage/ failure that occurs to your HP. Lines/ Operations needed Before flashing HP Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G SM- S908U1 make sure the battery is charged at least 60 and you must prepare the following accoutrements WinRAR or 7- Zip Odin Tool3.14.1 Firmware Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G SM- S908U1 Samsung USB ( Optional) Make sure you have downloaded all the file .However, it's time to flash, If so. How to Flash Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G SM- S908U1 All types of Samsung cellphones can be flashed this way. You just need to do a fairly easy step.  For further details, you can read and follow the following guidelines : First step open Odin Tool3.14.1 Turn off your cellphone, also enter Download Mode. Press the Power Home Volume Down button or the Bixby Volume Down bu

File Dump EMMC Infinix Hot 10 Play

 File Dump EMMC Infinix Hot 10 Play Assalamualaikum...Good afternoon friends, welcome back to our beloved websitein our article we summarize the dump file emmc infinix hot 10 play phone. In this article, I will share a backup file from the normal Infinix Hot 10 Play, then I will backup the HP dump file of 1 gigabyte. Infinix Hot 10 Play dump files can solve: Totally dead Failed to flash eternal bootloop hang logo demo phone and others Dump Emmc Infinix Hot 10 Play files Incidentally here I have an infinix hot 10 play Case: Demo mode, I've tried formatting multiple partitions in a scatter which smells of demo mode still fails, try to flash the new firmware successfully but still demo mode,try the format all method, you can't get an error in the tkv and tranfs.img partitions, (if there is an unlocktool, just flash it) continue how the technician pry the emmc brand foresee ncemasld bga 153, identify ufi, back up full dump 1gb, back up red partition imei, continue to fac

Infinix Hot 9 EMMC Dump Files Play Tested

Infinix Hot 9 EMMC Dump Files Play Tested  Assalamualaikum ... good afternoon my friends, welcome back to our beloved websitein this article I summarize the infinix hot 9 play emmc file version X680 X680B X680C. For how to fill it as usual we use the ufi box prepare emmc according to CID list in ufi box, factory emmc, fill in the dump file below, then just keep calm while reading bismillah and blessings. Turn it on, complete, to repair the imei, activate the oem developer option then download ModemMeta repair using the latest ModemMeta, yes, I hope it's done too my friends infinix hot 9 play emmc dump. I hope that if you are going to download the infinix hot 9play dump file, you already know in advance about the use of the file itself. And in this article will also be told a little about the use of this dump file. So, without further ado, let's get straight to the point of this article. I share a dump file, and what is shared this time is the Infinix Hot 9play Dump. This file h


FIRMWARE REALME 9 RMX3388 Come back with me at this time I will share the firmware and how to flash a realme 9 cellphone, which has just been released in Indonesia this April. This cellphone uses a Mediatek chipset. So we will do the flashing process using Sp Flashtools. You can use this way of flashing realme 9 to overcome hang logos, boot loops, stuck logos, forget patterns, forget passwords and forget realme 9 screens. So you can follow how to flash realme 9 cellphones in this article. How to flash a realme 9 cellphone, of course without auth, of course, is free and uses the google drive download link, so you don't bother to skip the shortlink. So it makes it easier for you to take this realme 9 firmware. For the flash method, all we need is a laptop/pc, mtk bypass tolls and sp flashtools. You can take these tools and materials at the link I have provided. How to Flash Realme 9 RMX3388 Download MCT Bypass Tools HERE Download Firmware Realme 9 HERE Extract MCT Bypass

Redmi 9 Firmware And How To flash Redmi 9 ( Lancelot )

Redmi 9 Firmware And How To flash Redmi 9 ( Lancelot ) This time we're going to discuss Firmware Redmi 9 and how to flash redmi 9. Redmi which has just released in Indonesia on April 14th, 2022. This Redmi 9 used the Meditek chipset. This redmi 9 firmware you can use for a redmi 9 flash phone that has forgotten pattern, forgetting password, hang logo, Bootlop even restart-restart. To the way Redmi flashing way we'll give you two flash methods: Flash redmi 9 uses MiFlash Flash redmi 9 uses Sp Flash Flash Tools To flashing this redmi phone you're obliged to have a laptop/pc, a redmi 9 driver and a redmi 9 firmware as a file to perform the Flashing process. How To Flash Redmi 9 With Miflash Tools Get Redmi 9  firmware here Continue installing redmi 9 driver The Firmware extract and Miflash Tool has been downloaded Open it and run the miflash Tool.Exe that's in the folder of Miflash Plih tab select and direct to the folder of the firmware that has been extracted Then refres